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Introducing Mining to a Farming Town in Greenland

Management of the Biophysical Environment (Geography 3210)
The article I have chosen to look at is about a predominantly farming based area in Greenland named Kujalleq, beginning to allow mining companies to set up extraction sites because they are thought to have the “second-largest rare-earth mineral deposit in the world.”(Rothschild 2015). The main...

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Women in the Media

Gendered World Views (section 03001, Fall 2015)
               The advertising industry hyper-sexualizes women and creates a body-image ideal which is unattainable. Take this ad from Dolce and Gabbana, a thin women being physically pinned down by a muscular man while three other men watch.  The image being portrayed is pretty clear. The women is...

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UK Government Makes a Quick Lane Change in the Fracking Agenda

Management of the Biophysical Environment (Geography 3210)
Shocker alert: the British government, specifically the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has gone back on their word and opened up previously protected sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) to fracking operations (without consultation of concerned citizens, may I add).  Editor of the...

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Notorious school failures are caused by...!

Education & Social Change
  School, school and once more school! Everyone passes through this period of their lifetime.  During their first semester on campus, many students confront different challenges which either they are able to surmount or else, they are not. Thomas Plante, a university Professor at Santa Clara...

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The Healthy Side of Popcorn

Education & Social Change
Recent studies have shown that popcorn contains many healthy nutrients such as whole grains, fiber and polyphenols that all greatly help with keeping you healthy. Although popcorn is a healthy choice, the popcorn you buy that comes in microwavable bags often contains many unnatural oils, sugar and...
Snipe and Celly

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Artificial sight

Education & Social Change
This article is focusing on an important medical issue, which is the loss of eyesight as a person grows in age, called age macular degeneration. In this news report, a solution to macular degeneration, abbreviated AMD, is presented, introducing a new technology: implanting electrodes on the surface...

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Infinite fluid

Education & Social Change
Surely you have once asked yourself this question: what exactly is the universe? Many scientists are searching for answers and have submitted numerous theories, such as the string theory you may have heard about. Recently, a theory has been submitted and could explain how most types of waves travel...

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We got the choice

Education & Social Change
October’s federal election are fast approaching and a lot of people throughout the world are very concerned about who the majority of the citizens of Canada will vote. Why? It’s because our next Prime Minister of Canada will be representing us in 21st UN Framework on Climate Change Conference of...

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Is privacy fictional?

Education & Social Change
Social medias have gained an immense growth and popularity over the years. Companies such as Facebook and Twitter have made billions and all by letting people use their service and write about their lives. This article targets a specific media which is Snapchat.   Snapchat is a social media which...

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Why schools should start later

Education & Social Change
Of all the years that I have been going to school, the main complaint that I have is that school starts way too early which means that am no getting enough sleep and I am tired when I go into school. This is a very big problem mainly because if all of the students are tired when they get into...

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Encounters with the Law

JURI 1106A Law as a Social Science
The law may be an invisible part of our day to day lives, but when looked at through a deeper lens it is quite apparent the law surrounds us in everything we do.

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Encounters with the law

JURI 1106A Law as a Social Science
 Ryan Campbell Marisha Caswell JURI 1106A October 2nd, 2015 Encounters with our Legal System Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis?

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Blog Post 1

JURI 1106A Law as a Social Science
 The law effects us in many ways everyday but the way I feel effected by it the most is when driving. Some rules are very regularly infoced like the laws against speeding but others are less known about and enforces such as the laws about keeping someone from entering your lane by passing you. Everyday people do things that are against the law like for example speeding most people always go around 10 to 15 kilometers over the speed limit at all times, many people also drink things like coffee or water or eat food when they are driving which is a newer law that just went into effect.

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Blog Post #1

JURI 1106A Law as a Social Science
Law plays a major role in my everyday life.  There are many aspects of law and how we choose to follow these rules.  Law is everywhere and it structures the lifestyle of myself and the people who commit to following it.  It plays a role in the lives of people who do not follow the law because it has consequences.  These consequences impact people lives dramatically because even the smallest of charges stay with you forever.   There are many roles of law in our society and they are all beneficial to the community.

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Blog Post #1

JURI 1106B Law as a Social Science
Law is a key factor in our everyday life.  Many aspects of it involve law without most people even realizing it.  Think about, for example, when you drive.  Before you even start the car most people put on their seatbelt.  This is partly due to safety, but also because it is a law that one must wear a seatbelt in a vehicle.  Also when we start driving we drive on the right hand side of the road, and go a certain speed.  This is all because of the laws that are set in place.  The Law also structures how society works. 

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Blog Post #1 - Friday, October 2, 2015

JURI 1106B Law as a Social Science
Blog Post #1 - JURI 1106B - Friday, October 2, 2015   JURI 1106B   Friday, October 2, 2015   Dr. Marisha Caswell      
Tyler St. A

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JURI 1106A Law as a Social Science
     The law plays many different roles in everyone’s lives depending on the person and their individual set of morals. For example, one person can see something like stunting driving (50km+ over the speed limit) in a public area as socially acceptable whereas, another person wouldn’t even think to run a stop sign because they feel an obligation to drive safety to prevent accidents or injuries.

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What prompts people to abide by the law?

JURI 1106A Law as a Social Science
            As we go on about our everyday lives we don’t necessarily think about the law and what consequences we would encounter if we did certain things, yet we generally don’t do things that would entail grave consequences. Why? It could be because they are things that we just instinctively know to be wrong, or maybe they’re just rules that have been drilled so far into our minds we’ve been conditioned to follow them since we were young.

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