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Geoffrey Vandeville wrote in his article about the Quebec Federation of Women wanting the government to implement sex-education courses in every grade of every school across the province.  As Vandeville writes in the article, the current government stated that it had the intention of modifying the...

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This past summer, while sitting in my garden, I couldn’t help but notice something quite peculiar. Where were the butterflies? I remember when I was a little girl there were plenty to be of fluttering friends to be admired. But here I was, and not a butterfly was to be seen, not even my favourite,...

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Last few months I have read a lot of quite unpleasant and critical articles and comments about my generation, the generation Y, millennials (the people born in 1980s and 1990s [1]) or in the Czech Republic also known as the “Havel’s children”, in the Czech online media (e. g. [2], [3]). Honestly,...

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When it comes to our children’s health, we do our best to insure their safety and enhance their protection against disease. This includes following a regular vaccine schedule. A growing anti-vaccine movement, however, has health officials worried that the recent measles outbreak can have a...

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Why is it so vitally important to include women when working with developing countries in the process of eradicating poverty? Why are women a key actor in the development cooperation? To my mind, poverty can never be overcome, if women are being left behind, if women are not being empowered. To my...

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               The article “The Big Plan That Could Bring an Electric Car to Your Garage” written by Kristine Wong speaks of the installation of electric car charging stations across California. Pacific Gas and Electric plans to put this plan into motion by 2018 and have it completed by 2025. PG...

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ad.nauseam in Media Ethics (Section 09)
February 10, 2015
Just the words “money manager” or “investment bank” bring to mind images of liars, cheaters, and connivers. Perhaps the greatest depiction of this utter lack of morality came in the winter of 2007, when the Great Recession began. This marked the beginning of the most severe global economic meltdown...

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g_smith in Media Ethics (Section 10)
February 10, 2015
To Photoshop or not is a moral dilemma that many professionals in the marketing industry face. It’s expected of them and according to Dan Strasser, handing in an untouched photo to a client would elicit a negative reaction (1). Particularly in fashion and beauty, the majority of images are...

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guru in Media Ethics (Section 09)
February 10, 2015
            In the world of business ethics, the topic of intellectual property has become a true hot-button issue. In an economy where ideas are of increasing value over tangible resources, the theft of these ideas is now a punishable offence. As widespread as the discussion of this issue is today...

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Emma Raven in Media Ethics (Section 09)
February 10, 2015
Is killing wrong? Many people’s consciences would tell them that it is. But the question becomes more difficult to answer when the victims are animals, especially when the end goal is something other than food. Some ethical frameworks maintain that killing or harming animals is wrong, whereas...

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Student Writing

Julien Assange was born in Townsville, Australia on the 3rd of July, 1971. His childhood was spent travelling around the world with his mother Christine and stepfather Brett Assange due to the parent’s theatrical prospects. While growing up, Julien attended approximately 37 different schools and was also homeschooled. Assange became passionate about computer programming when he got is first computer on his 16th birthday.

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If one trust what our European neighbors think and the stereotypes conveyed by media, we, the French, are the most inclined to take to the streets to show our dissatisfaction in Europe. Contrary to our homologs from the other side of the Rhine who prefer peaceful negotiations to confrontation, which is chose only as a last resort, we are attached to the strike culture and handling the art of contestation to press our claims (in 1936 with the Front Populaire, during May 1968, and over the past years against the CPE (first employment contract), the pension reform or the eco-tax).

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Gender mainstreaming has the definite ring of a buzzword to it, with all the confusion and misunderstanding that comes along with this kind of term. For a little background it first appeared in international literature after the United Nations’ 3rd World Conference on Women in Nairobi all the way back in 1985, hardly a modern phenomenon. It became a standard part of European Union policy in the 1990s and this is the main way that it affects policy in EU countries and in particular France.

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In modern times, the emancipation of women is progressed as far as never before. One part of this emancipation is the better opportunities for women in the workforce. When it comes to this institutional level, a lot of feminists have the opinion that women have to work in higher positions. But is this really what most women want? And further, is this what feminism should be about? I want to shed a light on the topic of anti-capitalist feminism.

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Being a top-model is a job that a lot of people can only dream of. It is associated with magazines covers, luxurious clothes, mind-boggling catwalk shows, golden life and perfect bodies. These men and women, often very young, represent companies, brands, events, etc. However, behind the facades, the daily life of the huge majority of them is far from being an waking dream, and can on the contrary turn into a nightmare, between awful conditions of life and work and precariousness for some.

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Unquestionably, film serves an amazing purpose within history. More specifically, in this third and final blog post, I am going to be addressing my own personal perspective on the 3 key purposes that I see film serving in the history classroom. The 3 purposes that I will be speaking about are communication of ideas, entertainment, and discovering new ways of thinking about history. For me, history is not only about written literature, the study of text, or even the factual data of historical events. Rather, history, in various contexts, stretches further than written components.

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Power has a gender. This is the conclusion that many social scientists working on the relationship between power and gender or trying to understand why men still hold a large majority of positions of power including Réjane Sénac-Slawinski when she writes “Le pouvoir a un genre…” (Power has a gender). I will mostly be looking at French case in this article, seeing as it is the country I live in and intend to work in. The simplest explanation of this statement is that characteristic associated with power and leadership and often those traditionally considered as masculine traits.

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Domestic violence against men has been starting to be discussed on a broad level in the last years. The research on the subject is still meagre but conscience is slowly rising. Men as victims are starting to get noticed and women are said to adapt their violence behaviour to men because societal roles are changing. What portion does domestic violence against men take up and in what forms does it appear? Is the violence that men experience by their partners really the same as women’s? And what can be done about it? I will try to paint a full picture.

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                The main objective of this class is to educate you to become informed science citizens. We hope to enable you to decipher science information whether in a newspaper, science journal or on the news itself with the ability to distinguish anecdotal, misinformation and true science in order to make informed choices.  To that end the Final Project is to find an article that either expands on a topic covered in class or that speaks to you with your new found anatomy and physiology knowledge.                 Your final assignment is to:

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Conjugal violence is definitely a taboo topic in society nowadays, people simply do not know how to approach this so very important topic.  Even with it being a taboo topic, it still remains a big part of the problems in society.  The Auberge Transition allows women to come in with their children and have a transition period between leaving their household and when they can get back on their feet.  These women are victims of conjugal violence.  This organisation deserves to have a lot of people want to serve as volunteers and help them accomplish the goals they set out.  

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