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On Monday January 19th 2015, the young 11 years old First Nations’ Makayla Sault died of cancer in her house. As written by Gloria Galloway in the Globe and Mail on January 19th 2015, this little girl had cancer but she was taken away from chemotherapy by her parents last year. The motives of her...

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Memory, History, and Perception        Our brains are complex processing centres, and repositories which house all of the events we perceive, via our senses, and even the ones we do not. The emotion and attentiveness we feel, and devote, at the onset of, and during a perceived event, will effect...

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The recent terror attacks just outside Paris have exposed certain problems within French suburbs. The immigrant community in Paris usually congregates in certain suburban areas as a stepping stone to French society. The poorer suburbs of the French capital have, however, suffered due to the lack of...

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    Probably, we all know something about the European Union or the United Nations. But have you already heard of the African Union (AU)? I suppose that this is not the case. However, on the continent of Africa this international intergovernmental organization is quite relevant for finding...

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The analysis of the Japanese society remains in some aspects still misunderstood, but the impressive economic transformation of Japan has been watched with great interest by the industrialized world.The educational system, the workplace, and the family in Japan have shaped the opportunities open to...

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Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the middle east, and is ranked last by the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report (which mixes political and economic empowerment, health and education) making it « the worst place for women on earth ». Admittedly, one as observed progress since a few years. The Arab...

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ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL JUSTICES IN NIGERIA FOR OGONILAND IN THE NIGER DELTA (GROUP 2) The most serious environmental problem of our time is the global warming; however there are so many activities that contribute to it, oil spillage being one of them has become an environmental issue that...

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Adam1215 in Human Biology
December 10, 2014 Sylvester Stallone once said, “Remember the mind is your best muscle…BIG ARMS can move rocks, but BIG MOVES can move mountains…ride the brain train for success…”  A study suggests that Stallone hit...

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lucerodesposorio in Human Biology
December 10, 2014
                  In recent years, humanity has faced an antibiotic resistance problem that has caused patient treatments to be more difficult and the death of many. A new research conducted by Vanderbilt University’s biologists, gives insight about an untapped source of antibacterial drugs that...

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idonaldson in Human Biology
December 9, 2014
           The word “virus” has a lot of negative connotations associated with it, and usually the word is associated with illnesses, such as influenza, HIV/AIDS, and of late, Ebola. However, in the New York Times article, “Viruses for a Cure,” science writer and blogger Carl Zimmer explains how...

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Student Writing

This article writes about mistake of Honda. The mistake is air bag. A lot of car has the mistake air bag, so Honda should immediately say sorry and do repair, but they didn’t say immediately. they call safety improvement campaign to repair. I think this article is sad because I was trust Honda and I ride car of Honda but first Honda didn’t say we made mistake, so I can’t trust Honda.  

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This article wrote about Beatles cover band in Japan. Their playing in a pub. This pub is looks like old style British pub. This band will play six famous Beatles songs in each set. And two songs of which are requests. So many Beatles fun visited this pub. I like this story, because I like Beatles song. So I want to go this pub and I want to see their performance. Reference Jaoan Today(Apr.20, 2009)  Beatles remain in Japan

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This article was written about coming of age Day. It is held on the second Monday of the year. The woman usually wear kimono and the man wear suits. It is different how to do ceremony each area. When people become 20 years old, change the own life. I like this article because I want to become adult. I will be able to do my life different now.

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This story wrote about Christmas. Japanese Christmas is different from other country.  Most Japanese is not Christian. So originally Japan have not this culture.  Japanese think Christmas is romantic day. So many Japanese couple spend together in this day. I like this story because Christmas will coming soon and my birthday is near the Christmas. Reference Go Go Japan  Japanese Christmas

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I read Hanyu retains Grand Prix Final title. This article is about retains Grand Prix Final title to Hanyu. He skate with a personal best score.  He was collision with another skater during warm-ups at the Cup of China last month. But this time, he retains his title.  I like this story, because I support him. His age is same as me. However, he has various great titles. So I want him to more active than now.  Sorry this article's reference was not able to watch. 

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This article wrote about “Big Hero 6” of Disney’s new movie. This was based on one of the Marvel comic, so the writer thought makes a Disney Pixar Marvel. Bay-max is a care robot made by Tadashi who is Hiro’s brother. Hiro is main character in this movie. We can laugh and weep by watching this movie. I want to watch this movie. Bay-Max is very cute. This story’s locale is San Fran Sokyo. It is fictional place that is based on Tokyo in Japan and San Francisco in America. It is very interesting. I want to go to there, but I can’t.

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This article wrote about Yuzuru Hanyu. He is very good skater. But last month he collided to Chinese athlete and he received very big damage. But he took very good score and he will participation in NHK Trophy. So everyone pay attention that his recovery. I like this story because he is very good ice skater. Reference The Japan Times (Non 25, 2914) Grand Prix Final places on line at NHK Trophy

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Mt Fuji is world heritage site. There are Fuji five lakes is the around Mt Fuji. There are Yamanaka lake, Shoujiko, Motosuko, Saiko and Kawaguchi lake. Kawaguchi lake is the biggest than five lakes. Kawaguchi lake autumn leaves starts from November to mid-December. I liked this article because my hometown is Yamanashi so I love Yamanashi, I went to Fuji five lakes.

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Himeji castle is the largest that remains in Japan. Another name is “Shirasagi castle”. The donjon is about 31.5 m in height, over 46 m including the stone wall. Now, this castle is repaired. It will complete in 2015. My hometown is Himeji, so I see it every day. I like it because it is very large and beautiful. I’m proud of Himeji castle. reference

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Mt Fuji is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. It is most popular all over the world. A lot of foreigner and Japanese people climb but it is very dangerous because Mt Fuji is very high so some people will make condition bad. The climbing season for Mount Fuji is between the months of July and August. Recently Mt Fuji have UNESCO. I liked this article because my hometown is Yamanashi so I always looked at Mt Fuji but I didn’t climb Mt Fuji, I want to climb Mt Fuji.

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     Girls are often restricted and told what to wear and what to do, mostly by their parents, teachers and school principals.  Where I went to highschool, we had a dress-code.  Girls were allowed to wear shorts and skirts, but they had to be at knee-length or longer.  This was boldly specified in the school rules section of our agenda.  Meanwhile, for boys, the dresscode was simple: a polo, pants or shorts.  Nowhere did it specify how long the shorts had to be, and on a few occasions, some boys wore short shorts.