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From Astrology to Herbalism : A True Paradigm Shift

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 16)
Empirical Observations   The English Physician Enlarged With Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs is a medical book by Nicholas Culpepper, a student in physic (medicine) and astrology. Published in 1794, The English Physician Enlarged focuses on herbal medicine and its...

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Herbs, Astrology and Early Modern Medicine

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 16)
Empirical Observations: The book that was analyzed at the Osler Library was The English Physician Enlarged with Three Hundred Sixty Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs by Nicholas Culpeper. The copy of this book at the Osler Library was published in 1794. It was written in English, which was...

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Native American Costumes: Appalling or Beautiful?

Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.544
With Halloween season coming up, many are anxious to decide what they will dress up as this year. Among mythical creatures like fairies and werewolves, we can find some more realistic costumes that represent real groups of people, such as Native Americans. While some may think that it is acceptable...

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Does the wage gap exist?

Professor Toriseva's SUNY-GCC 2016 Class
Does the wage gap exist? Yes but not at the 79 cents per every man’s dollar like people keep quoting, its actually 93 cents per every man’s dollar. People say its 79 cents because of a study that doesn’t account for the fact that women are generally in lower paying jobs. If you compare men and...

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PTSD CBS Radio news (blog)

Professor Toriseva's SUNY-GCC 2016 Class
PTSD is mental disorder which many Americans may never come in contact with. For someone in the military though, it’s very possible that if they go into war they may come out with PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wasn’t put into the APA until 1980, so what would happen to a military veteran...

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Toronto’s Housing Market Makes It Hard to Care About Green Infrastructure

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
The housing market in Toronto is at the highest that we’ve seen in years. Toronto is the fastest growing metropolis in the continent and quickly becoming one of the most expensive North American regions to live in. Housing affordability is among the top issues that our country is currently facing....
Philly Dias

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Government of Canada Cuts Down Environmental Progress in the Boreal Forest

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
They say there’s a Canadian inferiority complex, but this probably wasn’t the ego boost we were hoping for: the World Resources Institute says that Canada is the absolute best in the world at degrading untouched forest. The CBC’s Emily Cheung reported in 2014 that between 2001 and that time, we...

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Mammal for Change

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
  This year marks the 10th in a race to bring up bison numbers across North America. Now at this anniversary bench mark, the effort to save the bison have been touted as a success, the first success of its kind for America’s conservation programs. So much so that America has decided to name the...

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Caribou or 2x4s? The Waswanipi Cree fight for their Boreal Forest

Management of the Biophysical Environment - 2016
               The article I chose focuses on a hotly debated issue in many parts of Canada, namely natural resource extraction and the impact on Aboriginal land rights. More specifically, this article chronicled the Waswanipi Cree’s fight to protect one of Québec’s last remaining untouched boreal...

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ID, please?

Gendered World Views (Fall 2016, Section 17)
     American teenagers spend 4 hours a week reading magazines (Miss Representation).      But has anyone ever noticed that there is something deeply disturbing in these so called ‘artistic high end fashion’ ads? Probably not. For the majority of the readers, they are just pretty to look at. In...

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Student Writing

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Pink vs Blue: Why does it matter?

Professor Toriseva's SUNY-GCC 2016 Class
Everything in this world seems to be geared towards whether you're a boy or a or women. Everything from jobs to the toys children play with. Toys? Yes toys dictate whether it's for a boy or a girl. Pink-girl, blue-boy. Action figures vs baby dolls, kitchen sets vs tool sets. Who says all girls like pink and want to pretend to cook and clean or that all boys want to build and wrestle? Maybe, just maybe a girl loves blue and likes superheros or a boy likes to cook and likes dolls. Would this be so bad? What could be possibly wrong with this scenario?

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rare book post

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
The book we worked with was called “the way to Health” by Tryon. It was a very small book, about pocket size. Its rough dimensions were roughly 20 x 12 x 4 cm and weighted about 3.5 lbs. The library guy said it was an octavo, a total of 520 pages so that should mean 65 leaves folded 8 times. The book was most probably in its original leather binding along with the reconstruction of the backbone of the book. It had that undistinguishable old book smell.

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Medical Knowledge: It's evolution and how observation plays a part

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
Published in 1792, the 12th edition of William Cheselden’s The Anatomy of the Human Body is unlike any book of anatomy you’ve ever seen. Its size is comparable to a novel you may find on your bookshelf; the 300+ page textbook is approximately 15cm wide by 25cm long and weighs about half a kilogram. It includes detailed drawings (carved from copper plates) of human body parts from the skeletal system to the muscles and even inner organs. Each drawing is carefully labeled and gives the name and a description of the body part.
Provisional Polygon

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Early Modern Medicine

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
The book assigned to me at the Osler library was The English Physician Enlarged with Three Hundred Sixty-Nine Medicines Made of English Herbs, that were not in any Impressions until This by Nicholas Culpeper. It is a small book of around 15 x 10 x 3 cm of dimensions. It weights approximatively 250 grams. The book is published in 1794 and is written in vernacular (English). The pages are threaded together and the cover of the book is a cheap leather binding. It is probably the original cover as it has already begun to fall apart probably due to an abundant manipulation.

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The Pleasures of the Printing Press

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
Empirical Observations   In a recent trip to the Osler Library, the opportunity to work with a rare medical book from 1684 was presented.

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What's Cooking in "The way to health"

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
In the Osler library, there is a book titled “the way to health”, written by Thomas Tryon in the 17th century. The book in question was a reprint, however, and was only the second edition and not an original, being published in the year 1961. The book was written in English, and did not weigh very much, only around 3.5 pounds, ideal for the lower rank citizens that it targeted. The book was printed in 8o as was common for books targeting the poorer classes of society.

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Now and Then: How Does the Human Body Work?

Early Modern Knowledge (Fall 2016, Section 17)
The learning process changes greatly over time and I was able to witness part of this change through a field trip to the Oslo Library that archives medical document as old as clay tablets from 2700 years ago. The book I had the chance to work with is the 12th edition, published in 1792, of an anatomical manual entitled The Anatomy of the Human Body by W. Cheselden, a surgeon of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, London. It is a book the size of a small agenda and of a few hundreds of page.

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