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The X-Files Reboot Makes ‘Equal Pay’ sound like Area 51

Champlain College, 2016: NewsActivist (Contemporary Issues Complementary Course)
On January 24th, fans from all over gathered around laptops and TV sets to watch the premiere of The X-Files reboot. After nine seasons of content, which capped off in 2002, “baited breath” was the motto as everyone impatiently awaited the return of their favorite myth-busting duo. And though this...

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State of the Union

Modern US History in a Global Context
The United States of America is an amazing nation that continues to lead the world through the complex geopolitical problems that we are faced with today. As a strong economic and political world leader, we have become the role model for developing nations attempting to give their people the same...

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A House Divided

Our word clouds and subsequent comments illustrate the separation in our impressions of one another. While there are differences across regions in nearly every country on the globe, few seem as deeply ingrained as the separation between the North and the South. Respond to any or all of the...

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TPP opinion

Modern US History in a Global Context
Neoliberal free trade is a net positive for humans across the globe that are living in poverty, but is a negative for people who are living in developed nations. The 14.8%(1) of people that are living in poverty in developing nations would benefit the most from free trade, as the goods become...
I Don't Know

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about TPP

Writing III D
Thinking about TPP               This “Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement” will become an important agreement for the countries which will participate. This agreement will decide rules, laws, the taxes and many other things for the countries. But this might be a negative effect...
005 Yohei

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Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Some Infertile Women in the U.S Become Pregnant

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015   I chose to do my project on "Uterus Transplants May Soon Help Some Infertile Women in the U.S. Become Pregnant," taken out of the New York Times. The...

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The benefits exercise has on the brain.

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015
Tiffany Scott Dr. Nancy Decker Biology 109 SUNY Ulster December 1, 2015  “Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.” When we think of exercise we tend to think of the physical benefits we will receive like losing weight and gaining more energy. Another aspect of...

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Lowering blood pressure below current targets benefits a wide range of patients-http://www.scienceda...

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015
     In the article, Lowering blood pressure below current targets benefits a wide range of patients, I found it interesting because I have high blood pressure.  We all know our blood pressure is very important, as it concerns the walls of our arteries and can damage the heart.  Especially high...

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Drug Enforcement vs Aids Treatment Issues Hits U.N.

Dr Decker's BIO 109 Human Biology Fall 2015
Irene Velez Human Biology Dr. Decker 12/04/2015       “Drug Enforcement vs. Aids Treatment Issues Hits U.N.”           This article is about the difference in how nations, such as the U.N...

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The War on "Whistleblowers" - Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal

Media Ethics (Section 03002, Fall 2015)
The War on Whistleblowers             In June of 2013, Edward Snowden gained the nickname of “the whistleblower” when he leaked thousands of NSA files to journalist Glenn Greenwald. The first of many stories was published and discussed in the British newspaper The Guardian, and contained...

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Student Writing

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Antiperspirant or Antifeminism?

Gendered World Views (section 11, Winter 2016)
This advertisement by the British male grooming product company, Lynx, also known as Axe in the Americas, shows a semi-nude woman in a provocative, sensual position. Her purple undergarments, long, shiny, and spread legs that take up a significant portion of the ad, as well as her bent body are all very sexual.   The woman in the advertisement is wearing dark makeup and red lipstick, which is typically attractive to the target audience, men between 18 and 30. She is in a retro kitchen, possibly from the 1950s, taking a turkey out of the oven.   

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Sexism in Dolce & Gabbana Ad

Gendered World Views (section 10, Winter 2016)
This famous ad made by the fashion company Dolce & Gabbana is the typical kind of advertisement that we are trying to avoid, but all the companies are using this advertisement strategy. In our modern society, this is one of the most used techniques, and it is also the most efficient for catching the public’s attention. Only one simple picture which may appear on the TV, on the bus, in the metro, in a magazine or in the newspaper will give us the information the company wants in a fraction of a second.

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Tom Ford: For Men, against Women

Gendered World Views (section 10, Winter 2016)
This ad, for Tom Ford’s new cologne for men, is split into two separate images side by side. The left half of the advertisement is dominated by a nude woman’s lower body, from mid-thigh to just under her navel. Her entire body is glistening, moistened by sweat from some sort of physical activity, probably sexual. A perfectly manicured hand reaches between her legs, where instead of her exposed genitals is a bottle of the actual cologne. The bottle is not placed daintily over her. Rather, it is forced into her causing the bottle to press into her thighs.
Large Even-Pace...

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Does Aston really care?

Gendered World Views (section 11, Winter 2016)
This is an advertisement for pre-owned Aston Martin luxury cars. The print shows a thin, blonde woman, wearing skimpy lingerie and high heels paired with a revealed bottom. The position of the woman shown can be considered sexual. The advertisement is controversial itself but gets even more problematic when you read the slogan: “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” The slogan is showing how owning a used or “pre-owned” good is acceptable, in which this ad is referring not only to an Aston Martin car, but also to a woman.

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Race reflections

Modern US History in a Global Context
We all would like to believe that racism has been dealt with and that the civil rights movement paid off and solved the issue. However, looking at the news recently provides a glimpse into reality and shows us that in truth, that it could not be further from the truth. Instead, we see a world where white supremacists work in the shadows and where we teach our police officers that black people are more likely to commit violent crime. Because of this, police brutality against people of color is one of the leading issues facing our society today.

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Race Relations in the U.S.

Modern US History in a Global Context
Elliot Carey 2/3/16 Race relations over the past hundred years have changed drastically, for better and for the worse. What America has seen as a nation of many diverse groups of people is inequality, social injustice, and overall apathy. This is not including however the great triumphs made in order to correct these grievous mistakes by individuals, groups, and movements.

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Race Relations in the US

Modern US History in a Global Context
It is not my place, as a privileged, white, Vermonter, to speak with any authority on race relations in the United States. Racism can be a tremendously personal issue, and I have no real personal experience with it. I can, of course, see statistics about racial disparities in arrests, in wealth, in callbacks from jobs, but I cannot speak to the experience of being black in America. Interestingly, it may have been easier for someone in my position to understand the plight of African Americans 50 years ago than it is now.

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Racism Today

Modern US History in a Global Context
I think Black lives still face racism today. Anywhere in America, officers will be more prone to frisk and or arrest black citizens over whites. Black will be convicted more often than whites. And blacks have more of a chance of being racially profiled in work, or just walking on the street. Not a whole lot has changed since slavery, but there have been some major leaps. Civil rights was an enormous jump towards equality. Racism began to go under the radar, and Black people began to feel more equal to a white person.

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Legalization of Marijuana in Canada

ISSS - 331 & 332
A. The topic of this essay will talk about how Marijuana should be legal In Canada due to all the benefits that surround Cannabis. This paper will be comparative and analytical; it will compare two points of view, the positive outcomes and the negative outcomes of legalizing Marijuana. Then, this paper will explain some plans to decrease the negative outcomes and instead of making it a problem we make this a solution.
P-M Gauthier

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Paraguay makes no exceptions: The United Nations and Amnesty are outraged

Democracy and Cultural Diversity (Winter 2016)
Abortion has always been a highly controversial subject. All around the world, thoughts about the issue have been antithetic one from another, depending on which worldview is shared or not. Abortion in Paraguay for example, is illegal. However, are there any exceptions at accepting an abortion? If the pregnancy shows no considerable threat to the health of the carrier, is it ethical to refuse to perform an abortion, or should the mother have the choice?

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