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About me:

My name is Karol Morillo, I am currently studying Environmental Engineering at Universidad Central del Ecuador, I live in Quito, the Ecuador´s capital city, but I lived on Colorado for about 5 years before I started college. I don’t have a favorite activity; I like to sing, dance, swim, paint, hike, and everything new I can learn, and I enjoy to travel anywhere when I have the chance. I love Ecuadorian typical food dishes, but my favorite food is pasta. To answer how I relate to nature, I would have to say that I have always been close to it, I think this is the case for most Ecuadorians. I have walked through the frailejon valley and swam in deserted beaches; I have climbed volcanoes and chased monkeys through the rainforest, swam in piraña infested rivers and have worked the land in different places of Ecuador. This might sound a little impressive, but I cannot imagine an Ecuadorian that hasn´t been able to do at least one of this things. My dad traveled a lot when I was little and he would take me along, so I have the pleasure of knowing my country very well.


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