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Vermont Commons School

  • Modern US History in a Global Context

    Cline Lucey -
    Mardi, Septembre 8, 2015 to Vendredi, Mai 13, 2016

    This class will explore history and global issues since 1945, with a goal of seeing every issue from multiple perspectives.  Students will write frequent, short opinion pieces that I would love to have them share with students around the world.

Kansai University of International Studies

  • Writing III

    Ries -
    Jeudi, Avril 9, 2015 to Lundi, Juillet 20, 2015

    Second year Japanese students writing extensively on a variety of topics.  


    Ries - Jeudi, Avril 10, 2014

    Ries -
    Lundi, Septembre 29, 2014 to Jeudi, Février 5, 2015

    T50 Intensive Writing about Cool Japan and Wrold Events as they relate to Japan.  This is an EFL class.

  • Writing III D

    Ries -
    Lundi, Septembre 28, 2015 to Mardi, Décembre 29, 2015

    Second year Japanese students writing extensively in English.