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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert

  • Contemporary Issues/NewsActivist Winter/ Spring 2017: Champlain, Saint-Lambert

    flacks -
    Mardi, Janvier 3, 2017 to Vendredi, Mai 12, 2017

    This course requires students to develop individual portfolios about contemporary issues, sharing work with increasing depth as the semester progresses.

    Students write and collaobrate to develop cross-disciplinary knowledge and broaden perspectives regarding local,...

  • Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.545

    Nouvet -
    Lundi, Août 22, 2016 to Vendredi, Décembre 9, 2016

    This course will introduce students to the concepts of “race” and racism from the perspective of biological and cultural anthropology. The first part of the course focuses on the distribution of human biological variation and compares this variation to contemporary ideas about “race”. The second...

  • The Humanist Tradition (Winter 2017)

    Hawkins -
    Dimanche, Janvier 22, 2017 to Jeudi, Juin 22, 2017

    Humanities 102: Worldviews (Champlain College St-Lambert)

URI (University of Rhode Island)

  • Dr. Kaldor's Intro to Soc

    Kaldor -
    Mercredi, Septembre 7, 2016 to Mardi, Décembre 20, 2016

    In this class, students are developing their sociological imagination and exploring how social scientists develop...