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Marianopolis College

  • Media Ethics (Section 10)

    Brand -
    Mardi, Janvier 13, 2015 to Dimanche, Mai 31, 2015

    Studies suggest that the average Canadian spends 31 hours online and 14 hours watching TV every week.  Many of us also listen to the radio while driving, read the newspaper in the metro, and are bombarded with advertising everywhere we go. It is therefore hard to deny that the media plays a...

Champlain College, Saint-Lambert

  • Race and Racism Fall16 Gr.544

    Nouvet -
    Lundi, Août 22, 2016 to Vendredi, Décembre 9, 2016

    This course will introduce students to the concepts of “race” and racism from the perspective of biological and cultural anthropology. The first part of the course focuses on the distribution of human biological variation and compares this variation to contemporary ideas about “race”. The second...