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Coventry University , Corning Community College

  • Coventry University Oil, Gas & Energy

    Hill -
    Lundi, Septembre 29, 2014 to Samedi, Janvier 17, 2015

    114GED is a compulsory class in the Oil, Gas & Energy Management Degree's first year. This class, which includes tutorials and a field trip to North Wales, helps students advance their academic skills. 

    As part of this class, and its associated assessment, Coventry students will work...

Corning Community College, Coventry University

  • Environmental Health and Oil, Gas, and Energy

    Sellers -
    Mercredi, Septembre 17, 2014 to Mercredi, Décembre 17, 2014

    A collaboration between Corning Community College in Corning, NY and Coventry University in Coventry, UK about attitudes and policies towards the environment with a focus on climate change, energy production, and environmental justice.