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Stop street harassment

Sofie Peeters's documentary *, which deals with street harassment in Brussels, came in 2012 as a bombshell in the public debate and gave birth to numerous reactions on the Web. Since then, other videos followed from New York or Paris, showing exactly the same phenomenon. **

Reflections about feminism in Iran after watching the movie "The Circle".

In his film " The Circle ", Jafar Panahi deals with discriminations suffered by women in Iran. From the first scene, we understand that being born as a woman is not easy in the Iranian society. The different followed women during the film have to face up several discriminations: ban to smoke, obligation to have a veil, ban to travel alone or without the permission of the father or of the husband, ban to abort without the same permission, etc. These women seem to be really locked into a vicious circle (“The Circle”), without exits.

Hi everybody ! :)

Hi !

My name is Ségolène, I’m 21, I come from France and i'm really excited to be in Potsdam for my Erasmus year !

I'm studying political sciences and I'm very interested in the international perspective, most of all in the cultural/social/political differences between countries.

Otherwise I like Musik, Arts, cinema, and I'm always happy to discover new things :)

See you soon !