How to Use Social Network



Social networks are relatively new and their apparition had change the daily life of everyone. Especially because they are everywhere, even in publicity. Indeed, publicists now have to include social media in their advertising campaigns. Even if it seems simple to use social networks it is completely different to use them for a brand or a company. If a brand want to succeed on social networks it is important to understand the functioning of them and the difference between all the different platforms.



Kanye règne sur les plaines LeBreton

Kanye West, ce Dieu autoproclamé. Le rappeur d'Atlanta l'a affirmé à plusieurs reprises au cours des dernières année. Selon lui, il est un dieu, ni plus ni moins. 

La chose intéressante avec la religion, c'est que nous sommes libre de croire au dieu de notre choix. Certains ont mené une croisade contre Yeezus, récoltant au passage près de 1700 signatures pour exiger pour que West ne puisse se produire, vendredi, au Bluesfest d'Ottawa.

online predators everywhere


 The article “online with a sexual predator” by Deborah Amos published on August 14 in the ABC News, talks about teenagers who get trapped in an online chatroom with predators. The survey shows that one teen on five had received unwanted sexual solicitations online. Predators use fake account (wrong name, lie about their age, pictures that aren’t theirs). According to Amos, predators are really dangerous. They eventually like to choose vulnerable teenagers who feel lonely or who are feels lost. It is easier for them to get want they want as naked pictures or sex.

Racism among school staff exist?


The article ‘’White teacher win $350K in Racial-Bias case’’ by Neal Colgrass in the Newser from August 9, 2014 explains that a black principal said harsh racist comments about white teachers and fired one of them for no valid reason.

Teaching Racism In School


The article ‘’Teacher’s lesson about racism offends his bosses’’ by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune from June 5th, 2014 explains that a teacher was put on administrative leave from school because he taught ‘’racism’’ to kids.