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Throughout my whole semester in Newsactivism, I had the chance to write about various interesting problems such as the introduction of the travel ban by the Trump’s administration, Kim Kardashian’s slut-shaming story and even made an opinion piece on the fake news. Going in the same direction for my final project, I took the liberty to create a blog tackling different women’s issues like feminism, rape culture and the pressure of being perfect – in other words, issues I am passionate about – instead of writing a research paper or take a volunteer opportunity.

The Use of Sexual Imagery in Everyday Advertising

Large corporations use around 180.12 billion U.S. dollars each year in total on advertising alone, this amount of money goes over the GDP of some countries around the world, and it keeps on increasing every year. It comes as no surprise then that, as more advertising is made, more companies need to find simple and effective ways to sell their products. A common technique used by the most powerful corporations around the world today is explained in the saying: sex sells.

Micro-credits - A Way to Empower Women?

When we had our session with Ulrike Haupt who works for "Menschen für Menschen" in Ethiopia we discussed among other things the issue how women can be empowered in a patriarchal society. In her opinion, one tool to give autonomy to women is the lending of micro-credits. I want to give further information on the topic of micro-finance and discuss if it is a means to empower women.

Violence has no gender?

Domestic violence against men has been starting to be discussed on a broad level in the last years. The research on the subject is still meagre but conscience is slowly rising. Men as victims are starting to get noticed and women are said to adapt their violence behaviour to men because societal roles are changing.

What portion does domestic violence against men take up and in what forms does it appear? Is the violence that men experience by their partners really the same as women’s? And what can be done about it? I will try to paint a full picture.

Child marriage in Yemen

Although recently, the Yemenite legislative has set a minimum age for marriage, child marriage is still practiced in Yemen. Especially in rural areas with many poor people the conditions for girls are very precarious. I want to tell you more about child marriage in Yemen and introduce further literature about this topic.


The screen in black, a women is crying and after few minutes there is the sound of a baby crying. There is another woman, she is waiting for news about her daughter and the newborn, finally a nurse appears and says “It's a girl”. Now the woman's face is covered with terror.

27.10.2014, Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26 years old, is hanged because she was found guilty of murder; when she was 19 years old, she stabbed Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, 47 years old, a former intelligence agent, that had tried to rape her.

Chez Doris

Core Goals & Values: Chez Doris is a non-profit organization, which has the goal of offering educational and recreational activities, social services and professional services to women in need.


Major Projects in 2014: On May 26, Chez Doris will be organizing a fundraiser “tea time” from 2 to 5 pm. Each entry will cost $50 and the money will be raised to support the efforts of the volunteers and professionals at Chez Doris.


Revenge porn site


Struggle Worth Recognizing

Alyssa Torlish

Mammography: does the technology actually prevent breast cancer or not?

In the Gazette, an article from Maria Cheng has stated that the actual method used for the mammography test for breast cancer is showing results, but also raising the risk of breast cancer itself for young women aged under 30. The test is done using x-ray technology, which releases a great amount of radiation harmful to the human being. More briefly, the x-ray causes a gene mutation in 1 out of 400 women to develop this cancer. As for women under the age of 20 that might need to take the test, their chances of getting this cancer are raised to 62%.