Civil war in Ukraine?


In this article, it is reported that Ukraine has accused Russia of being behind the taking of two federal buildings in Donetsk, a Ukrainian province. Tension is rising between the two governments as groups of protesters are now asking for a referendum on joining Russia. Interior minister Arsin Avakov claims that the ancient president of the country, Viktor Yanukovich, is conspiring with Vladimir Putin. According to him, they are behind the current disorder in the province. He also adds that the police will restore peace in the area as soon as they can and without any bloodshed.

You say you want a revolution

Revolutions are a part of our history. When a population is pushed beyond its breaking
point, an uprising becomes inevitable. This is exactly what is currently happening in
Ukraine. Ever since the president has decided to not sign a deal with the European Union
and instead favor stronger ties with Russia, mass protestations have been occurring
throughout the country. And now that the corruption, abuse of power and violation of
human rights by the government have been exposed, the revolution is stronger than ever.

Ukrainian Protestor Beaten and 'Crucified' by Unknown Assailants


The plight for democracy in Ukraine took an ugly turn Friday when it was reported that Ukrainian activist, Dmytro Bulatov, was found “bruised” and violently beaten just outside of Kiev, more than a week after having been reported missing, according to an article published on the Guardian’s website by Oksana Grytsenko and Shaun Walker titled “ Ukrainian protestor says he was kidnapped and tortured.”

A hope for a peaceful precedent


Lately I have been examining the conflict in Ukraine trying to understand what may have lead for the decision or the motivations behind different characters. By analysing the individuals I came to see a striking similarity to the conflict in the middle commonly referred to as "the Arab spring".

In the Eye Of the Storm

It's been a week now that the peaceful protests in Kiev, Ukraine have turned bloody red in response to the new "anti-protest" laws initiated by president Viktor Yanukovych. A light of hope, to end the bloodshed, has been proposed on wednesday by the leaders of the oposition as they threw an ultimatum to Yanukovych.