Ukrainian Protestor Beaten and 'Crucified' by Unknown Assailants


The plight for democracy in Ukraine took an ugly turn Friday when it was reported that Ukrainian activist, Dmytro Bulatov, was found “bruised” and violently beaten just outside of Kiev, more than a week after having been reported missing, according to an article published on the Guardian’s website by Oksana Grytsenko and Shaun Walker titled “ Ukrainian protestor says he was kidnapped and tortured.”

Escalation in Kiev


Opposition party leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that his country is facing one of its greatest conflicts to date. In Ukraine protests have spread beyond Kiev and up to a dozen towns all around the country. Death continues to escalate, like that of young Mikhail Zhiznevsky who, it is suspected, was killed by the police on Wednesday. The result breeds anger and resolve in the protesters hearts.

In the Eye Of the Storm

It's been a week now that the peaceful protests in Kiev, Ukraine have turned bloody red in response to the new "anti-protest" laws initiated by president Viktor Yanukovych. A light of hope, to end the bloodshed, has been proposed on wednesday by the leaders of the oposition as they threw an ultimatum to Yanukovych.

Protesters getting out of control, is violence really the answer?


During a protest in Montreal, 36 people had been arrested according to an article from the Montreal Gazette by The Canadian Press on February 9th 2013. The protests were against Quebec's northern development plan. It was only on the second day of protests that they had been arrested due to the use of violence. The protesters had damaged nearby buildings and a flare gun was fired.