Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality


This article outlines what exactly net neutrality is, and its pros and cons surrounding this issue. Net neutrality is a big deal and is something that could change the way we use the internet for ever. “Net neutrality can be broadly defined as the concept of an open internet, where no websites or services are prioritised over any other, and nothing legal is blocked”. Net neutrality has its pros and cons and here are some of the most important arguments for both sides of this current issue. First major argument in favor of net neutrality is freedom of expression.

Shodan: Our Generation's "Big Brother"


On January 27th, 2016, an article published by The Canadian Press shed light on a little-known web page named Shodan. The site serves as both a search engine and a database of connected computers and devices from around the world. Essentially, Shodan gives the average Joe access to all forms of video and audio feeds that don’t require usernames or passwords.

Another Day in Internet Paradise, or “I’m Only Joking”

The article that I will be focusing on is entitled “When His Beautiful Wedding Photos Were Used for a Racist Meme, This Man Fought Back” by Margarita Noriega on June 2nd, 2015 for Vox. The article mainly focuses on the internet's unfortunate ability to transform beautiful and personal moments into offensive, racist slurs, and how one man sets the record straight. On September 13th 2014, Adam and Tisa Harris were officially pronounced as a newly-wed couple. Eleven days later, Adam uploaded his wedding photos on his personal Tumblr blog.

Facebook: State Property?


Nowadays, everybody knows about the giant of Internet: Facebook. It’s a tool that allows you to share pictures and to chat with people online. You may think your Facebook account is very private and safe because you changed your security settings to the maximum. In fact, you are not protected from all sorts of intrusion… police and governments can actually have access to your informations even if they are categorized as private.

Jimmy Wales