Population & Energy Relations


In the article “Population and the energy problem” by John Holdren talks about the problems relating energy to world population. The argument that Holdron is trying to make is that one “monetary costs of energy are rising” (Holdren, 1991), two “much of the world's population has too little energy to meet basic human needs” (Holdren, 1991) and three environmental impacts on the planet.

Climate Change: The Worst of the Wicked

            Climate change seems to have our undivided attention as its effects span every cultural, social, and economic reach of our earth’s populace. In a nutshell, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere resulting from anthropogenic activity has initiated the rapidly accelerated warming of temperatures globally. We hear through the media on a regular basis, just how imperative it is that we halt the rise before it exceeds unrecoverable levels and drastic changes begin to occur in every facet of the environment.

Are Pipelines a Viable and Mess-free Means of Oil Transportation?


                 This article is a follow-up from the suspension ordered by the AER on Nexen Energy’s pipelines operations on Aug 25, 2015. The author, while remaining neutral, seeks to inform that after the discovery of a large spill by the AER, 15 of Nexen Energy’s pipeline licenses have been suspended. He also offers insight into the reasons they were shut down and the conditions of the suspension removal.