Cigarette: slaying with its third-hand smoke


Cigarettes are more harmful then what we thought and that is already surprising! It’s well known how cigarettes have a poisonous effect in health as the damages it provokes include blood vessels, reproductive organs, mouth, lungs, heart, and many other organs. Certainly, the number of deaths caused by smoking cigarettes is higher than alcohol in many countries. Though, not only its first-hand smoke kills, its second-hand smoke can be very dangerous causing the same number of diseases. But how is this a new discovery? These effects have been known for a while.

Lung Cancer Stigma: Is It Self-Induced?

There is nothing beautiful about cancer. It is horrid, disgusting and sadly a killer in more cases than less. So when I hear someone say "it's your fault" when talking about lung cancer I tell them to get a better education. Did you know that 10% of people diagnosed with lung cancer are non-smokers and have never been in drastic contact with second-hand smoke? Out of those 10% was my late aunt who recently passed away. She was a beautiful, kind and caring woman who put everyone's well being before her own.

Skin cancer banned for Quebec teenagers


On Sunday the 10th of February 2013, Quebec became officially Canada’s second province to ban the use of tanning beds for teenagers and young adults under the age of eighteen. The first province to take the lead in this field is Nova Scotia who banned the access to tanning bed for people who have not reached the age of nineteen.

Take it like a Man


According to Marilynn Marchione in the Montreal Gazette via The Associated Press on January 24th, 2013, a new study has showed that U.S. women's risk of developping lung cancer has become greater. The risk for men stopped rising in the 1980's, but for women it is still rising because more and more women are smoking, and they are starting younger. The risk for lung cancer is greater than the one for breast cancer, however lung cancer is not considered the courageous battle that breast cancer is. Dr. Steven A.

Cancer Camp for Children


On May 27th, 2012, The Toronto Star published an article titled, “Kids with Cancer Get to be Just Kids.” The article stated the establishment of Camp Oochigeas, a camp specifically created for children who have developed cancer. It is the one place where children who have been plagued with cancer can escape the hospital walls and just be a normal kid.

America Fights Cancer

    Sociology is defined as the study of social problems. One of the major social problems of this time is cancer. It is almost impossible to find one single person who doesn't know of someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. I myself have faced the terrifying reality of being at high risk of developing cancer in my own skin and bones. If you ask yourself right now, how many people you may know that have had to battle cancer, I am willing to bet more than one person comes to mind. Some may ask, well how is this a social problem?