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by 037 Kurumi on Novembre 16, 2015 - 2:54am

The admission of refugees has become a controversial matter all over the world. There are countries which accept many refugees and other that accept only a few. Also I understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Then, are there no other ways to help desperate refugees?

The Guardian reported on September 5th in 2015 Naguib Swiris, an Egyptian billionaire has proposed to buy two Greek islands as a new home for the desperate refugees. He was supported by many people receiving 10,000 emails, many of them offering to help him put his plan into practice. The plan has to obtain the approval of the Greek government according to Greek laws. “If the idea doesn’t get administrative support, the plan will die”, he said.

Firstly, I will define the meaning of refugees in Japan. It means ‘the people who are in trouble and don’t have a place to stay.’ On the other hand, it also means people who cannot receive protection from their own country because there is a possibility that they receive persecution because of race, religion, nationality and political reasons. If they could return to their own countries or settle down in other countries, their lives could end. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announces the number of refugees is over 59.5 million and 1.8million of them want protection. However, it isn’t becoming a reality.

Secondly, I will tell you information about the admission of refugees. The German president, Angela Dorothea Merkel, made an official announcement that Germany admits 11,000 refugees according to Japan Association for refugees. Many other countries praise her decision. However a big problem exist relating to refugee working. Refugees cannot work in the country that admits them, but they are permitted to earn 1.05 euro per hour by German law according to News Digest. Although Refugees worked delightedly, many people opposed the law because of the discrimination, so the law was repealed almost immediately. On the other hand, many countries say the Japanese sanction is too strict. Japan only accept 11 of the 5000 refugees, who made applications last year. Many countries have said the Japanese people have an unconscious sense of national isolation. Because of that, Japan doesn’t accept many refugees.

Thirdly, I will write about the advantages of admitting refugees. At first, people who can work will increase. It may or may not become an advantage depending on each country. There are 2 types of societies, one of them has many people who want to work, but there not enough jobs available and the other one has a lot of open posts, but too few workers. Concerning the first type of ideas and so new working place. Also they will be workers. That will give good inputs to help the Japanese business.

Fourthly, I will write about the disadvantages of admitting refugees. Japan doesn’t accept refugees so much. There are many reasons, and one of them is that they might bring a deteriorating security situation upon it. Why should it accept the people who have other culture cause conflicts in many ways and many place? Financial expenses will also become a big disadvantage. When refugees start a new life, they have no work, no place to stay and little money. They need money to live in another country. It will be disbursed from the country which accepts them, however, there are countries, which already have a poor economy.

I think billionaire’s crazy idea is great because I can understand why the Japanese refuse to accept many refugees, and also that they receive criticism from other countries due to it. He will buy the place for the people. The money that the billionaire will pay to buy the lands will be big income for the country which accepts them. Even if that can help them only for a short time, it would give them hope to live. Of course their own efforts is important, too. I know helping refugees takes a lot of money in many way, places, food, clothes and so on. If the billionaire bought and prepared the lands for them, the government will spent money fewer for them.

In conclusion, to decide how accept refugees is difficult matter in any way. The nations that are making refugees themselves is the biggest and most important matter. It is known by everyone over the world however to eliminate the problem is not easy and it may be there forever. Even choose one, criticisms might happen somewhere, so have policies to save something then make a decision of country is the best way.



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