Masculinity through real eyes

by P_Boo on Novembre 7, 2015 - 3:08pm

While focus on masculinity, this article shows how this man who wrote this article admits he’s part of the man box, he defines his manhood by morals and values and that’s what will make him into a real man, saying a real man cannot be defined into just what’s in the man box but by parental bonding at a young age and having a proper education.

I agree to what he’s trying to make everyone foresee. He might be onto something with the parental bonding, because when we’ve had that love, emotional, and care that we need a child we usually do what we’ve saw our parents do. And if our parents cared and showed their emotions and love to us and to each other, we normally would do the same. But as for when he mentioned education, I don’t think that’s correct. I don’t think having any education, from high school diploma to a college or university degree, will change how you are. As we know from the glass ceiling or the cooperate ladder, that your education doesn’t make you a smarter man. They’ll still follow the masculinity that we’re taught from youth. Either to follow the man box or those few who haven’t been shown, but then they’re made fun of and call all these names that they end up being part of the man box so they can reclaim their manhood. Just like the article, “Your Princess is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds.” “We [male) nerds grow up force-fed this script. Lusting after women “out of our league” was what we did. And those unattainable hot girls would always inevitably reject us because they didn’t understand our intellectual interest in science fiction and comic books and would instead date asshole jocks.” The similarity because the men can never win, either their nice and proper because of who they were brought up and they kept those amazing rare traits, or they weren’t correctly brought up ( no love, no care, no emotion) so they end up growing up day by day following the man box. But if they keep those rare traits their “gay” “weak” same with the article, “nerds grow up force-fed this script.” Again from youth they’re being taught to be part of those bad habits. They’re trying for women out their league. Who says there out their league? Society? And now the actual women her self. I thought you fell for someone by connection, but who they foresee themselves and manners and lifestyle. 



2nd article,


This article is precisely stating the fight for Trudeau’s proof of masculinity. Harper is hands down jealous of the young guy because he is handsome and has nice hair, since he repeatedly told us all about it and how he’d be no good to represent our country and he isn't masculine enough because he has nice hair and if he gets elected it’ll be because us women think he’s handsome and not because he has the brains and passion to help us all in the right direction. Oh wait, that’s right he’s showing emotions and that’s not masculine at all. 

The man box, the box were young boys and men must stand inside and swear by these behaviour and not anything more not anything less. These behaviours consist of being stoic,strong,must not show emotion,work out,intimidating,macho, in control,respected and violent. Violence is the number one thing young boys and men turn to first, it’s natural to them since they were brought up not knowing any different so its second nature to many and shows a great view of their masculinity. Here's some proof that men think violence is the answer to winning, As stated in the article “If we even just look at Harper’s case alone, we can see this. With Trudeau also running for prime minister, Harper felt threatened and responded by highlighting a conservative government standing that represents violence. His party tried to convince the population that they very much needed the laws that the conservative party was upholding in order to defend the country against terrorists and Harper was very supportive of investing in war, thus embodying a stereotypical masculine gender role to appear more credible.” One word, violence. 

Just like the Princess article, masculine is to regurgitate behaviours that are put into a box and if you don't your laughed at and left out to fend for yourself. In the article where he stats “the geek falls for the hot non geek girl and is pitching to high, dreaming of something he can never have”. Why is he geeky? Because he was never introduced to the man box? Did he only have a soft fully hearted mommy in his child hood growing up, with emotions and a brain to teach him right from wrong? Because that’s what it comes down to daddy shows the aggressive behaviour and mommy shows the emotions and love but to live up to daddy standards the young boys follow their daddy’s habits of the man box and thats how we get a world full of aggressive, self centered. controlling violent men.

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