Rebuilding Our Fish Stocks

by KLefebvre on Novembre 6, 2015 - 11:44pm

The article, “Collective rights ‘offer hope for global fisheries’” by Mark Kinver released in 2013 on BBC News reflects the problem of overfishing and the possible solutions to this global issue. Ragnar Arnason from Iceland University emphasized on the fact that the previous trials failed to protect the fishery industry (Kinver, 2013, para 1). Indeed, he said that there is major problem of global over-exploitation of fish. According to him, the problem started due to the improvement of technology available for fishers and the rise in human population. Arnason also explained that when a resource is available, humans tend to compete for it and it leads to over-exploitation like we can observe with potable water and forests (Kinver, 2013, para11-12). However, the solution is known. Management grounded on individual right would bring the fishers to treat carefully the resource for long-term profits (Kinver, 2013, para 7-8). Territorial right which implies that a part of the ocean belong to a group in specific can also be beneficial for the sustainability of the fishery industry. With this principle, the fishers would have a certain percentage allowed for exploiting the resource. Therefore, they would have no more competition for the resource and it would create a greater concern on the fish stock since the more fish available in the ocean, the more they can exploit the resource (Kinver, 2013, para19-21). Arnason concludes by stating that “before you get the gains, you have to rebuild the fish stocks” (Kinver, 2013, para 30).

Arnason made the point clear: we are over-exploiting fish and actions are required. I agree with his point of view that human tend to over-consume when a resource is available and valuable. It is one of our many flaws to always try to get more and it is leading to the destruction of many resources. Fish is a semi-renewable resource but if we continue to exploit it like we do now there will be not enough fish to replace the previous generations. Humans need to act together to put a limit to the fish industry. As Arnason suggested, I believe that legislation based on individual or territorial right would beneficiate the marine ecosystem. In other words, the government should allow the fishers to catch only a percentage of the resource available so that fishers have more interest in preserving the fish stocks.

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