Why are men so damn violent?

by jessykhoury on Octobre 22, 2015 - 9:15pm

This article presents many theories as to why men are so violent. The author argues that men are expected to act in violent behaviors because they are pressured by social media, and most importantly other men. If some men exercise “softer” masculinities, they can be discriminated, punished and even socially excluded. Hegemonic masculinity proves that in a patriarchal society, men don’t only practice violence on women, but also on [weaker] men. It is also explained that boys are groomed from a young age into violent, oppressive behaviors, they are taught to fight back when they are being bullied. The article concludes that man’s desire and need for dominance and power has lead countries into famines and political crisis.

In this article, masculinity is constructed negatively because of men’s perilous construction and society’s wrongful reinforcements of violence. Men are being described as naïve and gullible, yet there is also a form of sympathy that is directed towards them because society creates unimaginable pressure concerning men’s expected behavior. This is extremely well explained in the movie “Tough Guise” directed by Sut Jhally. The deviation and drastic change of the images of masculinity are being discussed in this movie, showing how men figurines and comics have become more buff and menacing over the years. There is also a constant worry in the US society that men are becoming more and more feminized, they call it the “wussification” of America. Men are terrorized of not being differentiated from women anymore so their responding reaction is to emphasize hegemonic masculinity’s basic values: violence, sexuality, insensibility, and being feared. Men are being taught that unlike women, they are naturally violent and intimidating. They justify their brutality and anger by referring to their natural upper body strength, which is superior to women’s, and by imposing an objective truth, that men are protectors and natural fighters.

From a very young age men are exposed to violence not only through movies but also through video games. The games that come out today are available on all sorts of consoles and computers which makes all of the violent games accessible to young audiences which will later grow into violent adolescents. Even though the games that are offered are regulated and are technically only available to users of 18 years of age and over, they will find themselves in the hands of 10 year old children, which impacts the way they see the world and act around other people. Repetition normalizes different concepts so by being exposed to violence on a daily basis because of television and video games, boys are being taught that a “real man” needs to prove himself as stoic, menacing, strong, and bravely violent.

The reason why men are so violent is because of nurture, and social media. The intergenerational notion that men need to act violently is being taught to young kids, engraving such ideas in their minds, at a point where it all seems normal. Social media affects men’s behavior because of its use of violence and sexuality for entertainment. These ideas are then perceived by men as pleasurable, entertaining, and expected of them.


See article : http://feministing.com/2013/06/17/gender-and-violence-through-a-hegemonic-masculinity-lens-a-reflection-from-south-africa/