A school shooting happened in US, again!!

by JimmyYang233 on Octobre 22, 2015 - 7:32pm


October 1 2015, a 26 years old student causes 10 dead, and 9 injured at Umpqua Community College in US. In the article, “Survivor of Umpqua Community College Shooting Describes Rampage”, written by Miguel Almaguer and Phil Helsel shows a different point of view of this horrible school shooting. Mathew Downing, he is the lucky one because the gunman asks him to send a message to the police, so he did not shoot by the gunman. He tells the journalist that the gunman starts to ask the victims religion and kill them one by one. When the police arrive, the gunman shoots himself and died.

The officers are still looking for the reason why this student kills 10 people. The question is, for whatever reason, why would he choose to kill them, rather than just simply talk to them and solve the problem. It is not the first time that a student kills several people and suicide, and most of the killers are male. Now we are living in a world of masculinity, that men should be strong and tough. Just like what the movie “Tough guise 2.0” narrates, the movies or television shows gives most of time a male figure who is very violence, rather they fight a lot, or they have big guns. So these gives the youth an idea that men should solve the problem with fight, or guns. Solve the problem by talking is somehow useless. In USA, buy a gun is way easier than become a good fighter, so some men will use the way like kill someone else to release the anger, and also to show that they are a man. This is the biggest problem in the masculinity, this is the reason why school shooting always exist. Youths are so naïve so they believe that men are supposed to be violence. The media is still showing this kind of violence male figures, so more and more youth will try to follow and causes more and more death in the school. These gunmen, rapists, or fighters are now destroying masculinity, that masculinity are now consider to be violence, rude and evil. The real masculinity is strong and powerful, but they should use his power to protect the others rather than hurt the others.

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