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by Motaz alafifi on Octobre 2, 2015 - 7:45pm

Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular?


Yes I have. Each country has its own rules to assure their people of accidents, death and even noise. First, the streets laws are very helpful in Canada. In Canada a driver cannot go over the speed limit which is 50 km per hour in average inside the city, so he/she will feel secure under any circumstances. For example, if there were some children playing together in the street, the driver would be able to see them and stop or slow down, so that would safe their lives from deaths. On the other hand, I am glad to see the law of giving points to the drivers who are not following the street rules. For example, if the driver drove over the limit of 16 km per hour, he/she will get 3 points on his/her driver license. Also, when the driver respects the roads laws, he/she would protect his/her life and other people’s lives. These laws help ensure that deaths from traffic accidents are rare. Second, in Canada people can not make noise after 10 pm, so that shows the importance of time. In addition, that protect the people privacy, and the people will have enough time to relax. Moreover, the people will have the energy to do their work well with having fewer troubles with in the work hours.


Can you think of a specific encounter with the law or legal system that plays (or played) a significant role in your life?


Tax is one of the most important laws that Canada generates revenue from. The tax in Ontario is 13 percent; so Canada takes 13 percent from almost every single thing the person purchases. As a result of that, the economy of Canada increases every day, and the country will become richer by making this amount of money. In addition, the government provides services to its citizens such as health insurance. Health insurance provides the people the ability to not pay for the doctor bills. As a result of that, people will live healthier because their health is stronger. On the other hand, the tax is hurting other people, by making them think twice about every single thing before buying it. As a consequence of that, the people will not be interested in buying new stuff, and they will try as much as they can to save every dollar they have. Also, many companies will lose their customers because of that reason. Furthermore, many people are working two jobs to have better life and making more money to cover the tax issue. Overall, we can not say that the tax is not good for Canadians, because the citizens will have lots of services from the government after buying the tax. For example, the health care in Canada is very expensive, so Canadians people are having the rights to get health care for free because they are paying taxes. In addition, the government is spending a lot of money for firefighters, police officers and doctors to give the best services for their people to have the rights of having best health care. In my opinion, Canada should decrease the rate of the tax, and the people should keep buying taxes because they are lucky to have all these services. 

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