The influence of the medias and advertisements

by giraffeballing on Septembre 21, 2015 - 8:45pm


As we all know, technology has been a part of our lives over years influencing us without even knowing. We see a lot of things on the internet and on the TV that change the way people think and their point of view about certain things. The Medias are too focused on making money that they forget how they influence society in a bad way. Their advertisement can be explicit and downgrade woman. It makes women feel insecure about their bodies, forcing them to change the way they look in order to fit in. Most of the time they use the worst ways to reach the ‘’perfect’’ body. It’s also disrespecting the image of all the woman on earth, putting them all in the same basket so man can think of them like they’re all the same.

 As we can see in the picture, a man is standing with his legs open with a women in between, holding a bottle of Vodka in one hand and in the other empty glasses. We can’t see his face but we cannot miss the breast of the women laying down on her back with her sunglasses which is very explicit .It also encourage sexual temptation in people’s life starting from a young age since everyone has access to social medias nowadays. The girl with her big breast is the typical image they put in advertisements for most of the product we see, especially alcohol products. This industry went far with how we should show that women are actual women and it is based on an ideology created by a group of people who got unrealistic ways of seeing things. Having to expose certain body parts or seeing in most advertisement that the models have perfect shapes can create a lot of damage in other women’s lives. It is forcing them to think that they’re not pretty enough and its pushing them to feel uncomfortable with their skin that they have to arrange the way they look. ‘’Advertising encourages not only fat-free diets but liposuction, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and cosmetic surgery and dentistry’’ (Provocateur , 180 ) It creates sickness and mental issues because it takes them more time to do it the right way (exercise, eating healthy, getting rid of bad habits etc.)They get tired and loose motivation that they use the easiest way, which is the worst way in that case. It is wrong that women are forced to stop feeding their bodies the right way just to look like the ‘’idealistic’’ body type. This issue has to be taking more seriously because it is not only affecting the women of today’s generation but it will cause much more damage to the future generations.

To conclude, advertisement producers shouldn’t have to put standards for the making of their publicity. They should use different type of bodies and choose wisely what they want to show on the screens. It will not only attract all kind of women but it will also make every girl comfortable with their bodies without making them feel like they belong in a certain category. It will also decrease the amount of problematic this case evokes, less health problems, more healthy and confident women on this earth. If a lot of women complain and stand all together to fix this problem and force the media to put limits on what should be allowed to be shown on the screens, it will make a change... But isn’t it going to prevent self-expression for the creators of the publicities?



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