Bullying and Teasing: No Laughing Matter

by charloe123 on Septembre 18, 2015 - 9:58am

A lot of children experience bullying as they grow up. That can even start at preschool and continue until highschool. Most of the time, people that are bullied have a low self-esteem and they have difficulties to interact with other people. Moreover, they suffer from many physical and psychological consequences. For example, children's grades often drop and they are scared to go to school every day because mayver someone will hurt them. Also, people who are victims of bullying can be affected by those difficult experiences all their lives.

In my opinion, there should be more programs made to prevent bullying in school. Too many children suffer from being teased by their schoolmates. Also, when a child starts to show warning signs of intimidation, his parents whould intervene and get him help. For example, they should directly get in touch with a psychoeducator.

Can teachers can help prevent bullying in their classes?

Is bullying an important issue in our society?

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