1200 Faceless Women Dead, Zero Actions Taken - Who's to Blame?

by d.iwanzwich on Septembre 10, 2015 - 11:13pm


"Mulcair: It's Time For A PM Who Cares About Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women" by Ryan Maloney of Huffington Post Canada, posted on August 31st 2015, is a hard hitting article about how this year's candidates for prime minister are acting upon the national crisis of 1200 missing and/or murdered Aboriginal women here in Canada.  Mulcair, candidate from the New Democratic Party insists that Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada, of the Conservative Party, has done little to nothing about this case. Maloney brings the issue to light because of Mulcair's promise to return the millions in funding for women's shelters, and to call a national inquiry for these women within 100 days of his winning because Aboriginal women are four times more likely to face a violence, something he'd like to end.  As it is the first month anniversary of young Native teen Tina Fontaine's death, Mulcair insists he is the change citizens need.  Maloney quotes Mulcair belief that the only reason there has been no inquiry is because of an underlying tone of racism in Harper's governing, mentioning that if these women were in Ottawa, United Nations wouldn't have demanded Canada to have an inquiry. Harper believes an inquiry would pile up with other studies and it is action that is needed, which reporters say goes against his promise of an RCMP missing persons database but is five years overdue, saying that the lack of actions shows where Harper's Party's priorities lie. However, fellow Conservative Party member Ryan Leef broke through and voted for an NDP bill demanding immediate inquiry.

Maloney's goal in writing this article was to point out how Harper has been ignoring a large crisis here in Canada, and how it's up to politics to decide on whether or not an inquiry should be made. It is sad to think that our nation has come to a point where we do not question such a phenomena. I believe that Mulcair is correct, that if 1200 women in Ottawa went missing, citizens would be boarding up doors and calling in sick for work, because this an attack. Compared to acts committed by Klu Klux Klan members towards black people fifty years ago, this is nearly identical. Darren Curnoe, author of "Human Races: Biological Reality or Cultural Delusion" clearly states that in general, races never mattered to begin with, that they are arbitrary (38). Agreeing with him, I like to wonder why Harper has not done anything to protect people from these crimes, and has waited for United Nations to call him out on it.  In my eyes, the lives of 1200 women, teenagers, and children, is much more important than any law on taxes. We need to find out what has happened and stop this ethnic cleansing from being swept under the rug. In the words of Cunroe, "[...] we all belong to the single species Homo Sapiens" (38). Let us stand together.