Why feminism, not humanism.

by Jessy-Kay.Whelan on Septembre 10, 2015 - 10:21pm

The word femenism draw a certain, should i say, stigma to it. such a name can be seen as exclusionary by many who do not understand why champions of gender equality call themself femenists. People often use the statement: "Im not a femenist...but i agree with..." whats important to understand that the name doesn't imply female domination as appose to male domination.


Steve Shives tackles this issue in You tube video "Why do they call it femenism". Most, if not all, femenists agree that gender equality can only be true if all are equal, from female to male and everything inbetween and beyond. They beleive that LGBTQ+ comunity is strongly tied to their cause. So, why then the almost infomous name. The name is ment to represent the more discriminated party; women suffer and endure far more opression then men. Women are under constant pressure by the media and their comunities to behave and look the way they are ment to. Women face the wrath of the patriarchy by means of the ever prevelant rape culture, they culture that tries its best to make it easier for women to accept sexual encounters that they would otherwise refuse should they be in a sober state. A woman can barely walk through the streets without subcuming to a slew of sexual comments from men. Not to mention the many difficulties women face in the workplace. Opression can be found everywhere, towards men and women and femenism understands that women suffer the most. Shives compares femenism to the Gay rights movement when he states "gay people are in the infirior position and we want to raise them up to equality..." as a sppose to making the superiour to straight people.


Although Femenism and humanism are very similar in what they aim to acheive, femenism takes a different route and tries to fist elivate the more underprivilaged people up to equality. The femenist aproach does in no way demean the plight of other opressed comunities and peoples, it simply gives a previously un represented group a strong voice to speak out with.


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