Troubles in Bangladesh

by sandrinetttt on Septembre 9, 2015 - 6:26pm

Troubles in Bangladesh

May has been a brutal month for Bangladesh. Avijit Roy, Ananta Bijoy Das, Washiqur Rahm, atheists bloggers, have been killed in the streets with machetes for exposing their opinion online and criticizing religion. Islamic extremists are terrorising whoever is trying to express their non-islamists thoughts to the world. ''The attacks on atheists, humanists, and other nontheists haven’t stopped'', says The American Humanist Association on their website. That is why we need to ask ourselves ''Is this situation a problem caused by a problem between points of view? And, why?''


Initially, the humanist's point of view would look more similar to what we have at home. Many people nowadays do not practice a religion nor share the same values. The humanists insist that everyone deserves a personal liberty, but should take a social responsibility. This means that they would have accepted the atheists bloggers perfectly. From their points of view, everyone should contribute something different to the world.


Then, if you look at religion in Bangladesh, you can see it is something very important. Islam is all over the country. The tolerance for non-believers is fading fast since nearly 90 percent of the population is Islamic.


Personally, I'm trying to be on no one's side, since it is such a heavy subject. If you compare the humanists, which attach importance to humans rather than divinity, and Islamists, which attach importance to submission to the will of God, it is clear tension will come out of this.


In any kind of situation, everybody should be free of speaking their minds without being afraid of getting killed for it, but I would be careful if you know many extremist Islamists are waiting for you with machetes. It is unfortunate that this is the path Bangladesh seems to be following and I would still encourage The American Humanist Association to continue their fight to protect religious minorities and humanists.




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