Abolish the death penalty

by 1431536 on Septembre 9, 2015 - 3:33pm

Humanists have always acted for the best of each human being. They recognized that we only have one chance to live in a limited time, so why doing it in the wrong way. This is one of the reasons why the Humanists disagree with the death penalty. They believed that every human on this planet should have the right to live; whether the race, the gender, or even the sex orientation.  

Therefore, in 2001, the American Humanist Association published the Humanist resolution on capital punishment. This resolution stated that each human being is important and have worth for the society.  It also reflects some of the ideas and concern about this practice. Humanists are worried because there are too much mistakes with death penalty. Many innocent peoples have almost been killed because of insufficient information provided by juries and judges. Moreover, the execution of convicted but innocent people is an irreversible action. All these facts demonstrate the reason why the Humanist wants the capital punishment to be illegal. On the official website of the AHA, they talk about the death penalty in California. They actually created a campaign to stop the use of the death penalty in the state. This is called SAFE California act. This initiative proposed that instead of capital punishment, a life sentence with no chance to be release will be applied. This new act will decrease the number of American innocent killed for a crime they did not commit. As well, this new practice will be significantly less expensive. The California’s taxpayers will save approximately $100 million per year without releasing one prisoner.  What is great with this economy is that they will use these savings to investigate on other unsolved crimes. This amount of money should be put aside to protect us by putting criminal in prison, no execute them.

Personally, I agree with the humanists. I think it’s better to rehabilitate inmates instead of killing them; it is less barbaric and more human. 



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