White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job

by f.viau on Septembre 9, 2015 - 2:22pm


White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job

In the article “Ex Florida teacher allegedly fired after administrators found out her boyfriend is black” by Alley Wilson, it talks about how Audrey Dudek was let go after other staff members found out she was dating a black male at the time. She was apparently let go due to budget cuts in the school administration but this ironically happened right after some co-workers started to discriminate her and re-name her classroom after the name “club Audrey” due to her interest in black music. She then filed a lawsuit and is suing the school and its directors for racism in this case only because she was dating him at the time. She is now married to him and the case is still under processing and going in court soon. The school said they would not comment furthermore on Dudeks’ allegations since the case is pending litigation. Dudek believes she has a good chance of winning due to the fact that the Florida commission on human rights is on her side blaming the school for firing her because of who she was in a relationship with.

I believe that this case is not a very good example to represent the racism in the whole country or in the world because it is only a small amount of people that took part in this firing of Ms.Dudek. If we compare it to the article read in class that races are only made to categorize people “Race without Color” by Jared Diamond. This article links this one in the fact that only because her boyfriend was black she was discriminated on and treated in ways that nobody should be treated. The co-workers and the people in charge in my opinion classified her boyfriend as a minority only because he is black and not of a superior race like everyone at the school. The schools defense of terminating her job because of budget cuts may be true but in the case that nobody else was fired, it is very probable that it was only because of her interest in someone seen as a minority. It is a hard subject to argue on because racism still exists but is usually hidden and not seen that much in the media and even less in the education system where these individuals are supposed to stop kids from becoming bullies and racist people.

To conclude, I believe that the school in Florida should be punished for the decision to fire her only because in their opinion she shouldn’t be dating black males or females. This is a case of high racism in a place where children should be shown the complete opposite. The case is still in pending and Ms.Dudeks’ lawyer should be confident that any judge with a moral sense will punish the people responsible in this case.


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