How Much is your Life Worth?

by Steven_Lam on Septembre 4, 2015 - 12:26pm

So I was scrolling through a few blogs on this site and skimming through some of them until I hit a blog by someone with the username of 046 GRoOoZA. I saw the word "Holocaust" in his blog and as someone who is very intersted in the Holocaust, I decided to give this blog a read.

In summary, the blog was about a Japanese man named Chiune Sugihara. Mr. Sugihara, working for the Japanese government at the time, had a very good reputation and lived a better-than-average life. Anyways, during the Holocaust, Chiune and his wife ended up saving the lives of about 6000 Jews. In order to do this though, he had to defy the orders of the Japanese government. Obviously, this lead to Chiune being dismissed by the Japanese government, losing his reputation and living an average life. Everything turned out pretty well in the end as Chiune did get recognized for his actions and now there's even a museum dedicated to him.

This story led me to think: how much is my life worth? Personally, I would've done the same thing as Chiune Sugihara, no matter the consequences... even death. Honestly, this is how I think about it if I were in Mr. Sugihara's position: by saving these Jews, I'm "ruining" the lives of 2 people, mine and my wife's. On the other hand, I just changed the lives of 6000 people, for the better. Yes, my life is valuable to me and I love to live, don't get me wrong. But realistically, in my mind, as much as I love life, it's not more valuable than the lives of 6000 people combined. I grew up being open-minded and to be thoughtful. To me, letting those 6000 Jews die is just plain selfish. Disgusting. Putrid. Monstrous. Also, I have a dream to be a role model all over the world. So if sacrificing my life helps me become the role model I want to be and to help the rest of the world become a better place, sign me up.

Then again, that's my opinion. Saying that, what I'd like to know is what would you do? Please be honest. If your opinion is the opposite of mine, it's fine, I won't judge you. Who am I to judge someone else's opinion when I ask for others to respect my opinon? And just because they're answer is different than mine? Amateur hour, really. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I really do hope to see some comments on what you'd do if you were in Chiune's place. Once again, I won't judge if you have a different perspective then me... just at least give me a detailed explanation as to why you're answer is different than mine (if it is).