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by MoJo JoJo on Février 2, 2015 - 9:53pm

With the new technological innovations that hit the market daily, there are concerns that they will lead to an abuse of mindless features. Particularly, a new feature in the world of communication, autocomplete, has some wondering about its negative effects on the way we communicate. It uses complicated algorithms that can predict what we are going to say next. By using this technology, we think less about our speech and become accustomed to using generic sentences. In turn, our conversations are less personal as our exchanges are just common and shallow phrases. Even if there are still a few glitches in the automation systems that exist today, the concerns are that as they improve, our dependency will also increase. Our conversations would simply be a compilation of superficial, computer generated thoughts. These algorithms designed to allow us to type faster could potentially take over our speech capacity.

The worry of technological dependence is not a new one. There have always been skeptics. However, since the consequences have never been proven, the concern cannot and should not be dismissed. It is always better to proceed with caution. For now, the best solution is to limit our own usage of these autocomplete technologies.

The original article written by Evan Selinger, "Will autocomplete make you too predictablewas published on the BBC main website on the 15th of January 2015. To learn more about this topic or to simply read the whole article, go to the following link: I used this source as I find it reliable. For instance, the author suggests links to other articles that confirm his statements. Also, the article was issued on the BBC website and was edited after its publication to assure accuracy.