The Japanese food which you don't know

by Flash on Janvier 28, 2015 - 9:41pm

The Japanese food which you don’t know

     What kind of Japanese food do you like? There are many delicious and unique foods. For example, Chinese food is different to Japanese Chinese food. Many foreigner know and have eaten Japanese famous foods, but I think that foreigner don’t know about Japanese minor foods. So, I want foreigner to understand about various Japanese food. So today, I am going to talk about Japanese Chinese foods, super extra large foods and Japanese sweets.

     First, I like Chinese food, because Chinese food has strong tastes. Japanese people say “Chuka ryouri” to Chinese food, but it is point to the dish eaten in Japan, so true of name is “Chugoku ryouri”. The most my favorite Chinese food is gyoza with rice set, but Chinese are not eat gyoza with rice. This combination is only Japan! And Japanese people like chahan (Fried rice). There are specialty store of chahan. We sometimes go there to eat chahan, but Chinese cannot understand this thing, because Chinese chahan is made by leftover. I was very surprised. I like to eat chahan with ramen. It is not true of Chinese food, and there are other Japanese Chinese food. Have you ever eat Tenshinhan or tyukadon? These are not Chinese food! Chinese food are not use bean paste. It is origin of Japan. So there are many kinds of unique Chinese foods, but Japanese people believe that these are real Chinese food.

     Second, I want foreigner to eat super extra large foods. What is this? It is large serving food. Maybe I can eat these foods in America or Canada. At first, I will introduce about Japanese famous restaurant “Yayoiken” This restaurant is in Chiba prefecture. This place is origin of super extra large foods. There are a lot of super extra large foods. For example

Can you eat this? All most menu are like this. Why owner make super extra large foods? Owner said “I want visitor to eat full.” I think that this idea seem to be Japanese. If you visit Japan, you should go there, because travel is cost a lot. The average price of the dish is 600~700 yen, so there are very cheap dishes, and as for all dishes are delicious. These things are reason of famous and is loved by many people. Do you like sweets? There are many unique super extra large parfait too. Japanese people likes sweets, but I think that these large parfait are grotesque, because it is too big! I will not be able to eat alone. I recommend you that if you want to eat it, you should eat with friends, but I will challenge it. I think that I can eat into a schooner.

     Then, do you like sweets? There are kind of sweets in the world. There are many delicious sweets in Japan too. Japanese sweets is called “Wagashi”. Wagashi is very luscious. Therefor it is eat with green tea. Green tea tastes bitter, so green tea is bitter to eat with Wagashi, but Wagashi don’t use oil and raw fruits like western confectionery, and there is also the side as a work of art. If you eat Wagashi, you should enjoy looks of Wagashi. Wagashi looks very beautiful. You can enjoy just looking. Of cause, teste is very good. My recommend Japanese sweets is “Kohakutou”. Kohakutou means amber sugar. It is traditional Japanese sweets.” It is very beautiful. And it is looks like jewel. Recently, it is popular by young girls. There is also in liquor.  There is café that can eat it. This café’s name is “Shalala sha”[i]. You can eat and buy Kohakutou in this café, so I want foreigner to go there and I want foreigner to eat it.

Kohakutou (amber sugar)

     Conclusion, there are kind of various unique Japanese food in Japan. Many foreigner know and have eaten famous Japanese foods, but I want foreigner to know which people don’t know minor Japanese foods, and I can understand new things to do a search about Japanese food. There are many Japanese food which you don’t know. I want foreigner to visit Japan and eat true of Japanese delicious foods.






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