Charlie, you and me

by Juliette Fournil on Janvier 20, 2015 - 10:58am

 Because I am French, I needed to tackle this issue.

Because I am an Erasmus student and that I am here to discover a new cultur, to meet new people, to be more open-minded. Open-minded. It is something that everybody has to learn as we stand so far from it…

Because I am writing on this blog, on which we individuals are free to write about whatever we want to. Freedom of speech.


What has happened in France on the 7th January, involving terrorists and the medias is more than a simple but nonetheless horrendous human murder : it is an attack against our freedom of speech.

From that moment on, a large majority of western people became Charlie. Perhaps even you did. All these people changed his profile picture on Facebook to write in white on a black background : I am Charlie. Everybody shared articles, videos, cartoons on social networks. Everybody was expected to participate on the 'events' created for the occasion : Gathering in memory of Charlie Hebdo. Everybody. In our own way. Excepted, of course, those who are thinking that muslims and terrorists are necessarily same persons. Those who are narrow-minded.


And what we, the people, did – together – was exceptionnal, unprecedented. So many people united to defend, to support, to protect our cherished and splendid values.


But I am afraid.

I am afraid because even if it were for the greater good, we only focused on France, turning a blind eye on what was happening in the rest of the world. Almost 2 000 people were killed by Boko Haram. And that is only an example among hundreds of others but it is also something against what we, citizens of the world, have to fight. Together.

I am afraid because of the debate which has been triggered in France about Islam.

I am afraid because it's only been two weeks the day after tomorrow, but we are already stopping to speak about Charlie, about what it has sparked off, about what it means. We have to continue the fight. Let it be known that it is far from being over, the struggle has only begun.


WE must stay together. WE must start all over again in unity to defend the values and the lives we care about.

About the author

I'm Juliette. I come from France and I will study political science and economy for two semester in Potsdam. I'm very interested in international relations and gender studies, that's why I decided to follow this lecture. I'll probably be part of Amnesty International Potsdam.