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by Superman☆ on Décembre 1, 2014 - 1:47am

I will talk about Japanese fashion. Do you like cosplay? Do you want to cosplay? I will introduce my favorite fashion. My favorite fashion is cosplay. I will introduce about history, kind, and interested in cosplay. I don’t often do cosplay, but currently, many people doing cosplay. I am very interested in cosplay.

At first, I will introduce about history of cosplay. Mean of cosplay is imitation to famous people or wear abnormal costume etc. In Japan, it began to fashionable since 1990s. At that time, only shop clerk began to wear cosplay. These people called “cosplayer”. Cosplayer had about 200 people in 1991. When it comes to 1994, they increased about 6000 people. In 1997, they had more than about 8000 people. One of the reasons for increase cosplayer is anime “Evangelion”. This anime is very popular for cosplayer. Thanks to this anime, the word cosplay is popular. In addition, another reason of increase cosplay is visual band “X-JAPAN”. This band is very famous and popular in Japan. When this band did live concert, their fans began to wear cosplay. Cosplay is popular from there too. Currently, there are people to cosplay in various places in Japan. From children to adults, many people came to cosplay. Cosplay would be popular more.

Second, I will introduce about kind of cosplay. There are many kinds of cosplay around the world. There are many kinds of cosplay in Japan too. For example, cosplay of manga, anime, and game character. These are very popular for foreign people. Many people wear these cosplays. Another cosplay is animal, idle etc. Cosplay that people often see is costume in maid café. All Maid café’s clerk wears pretty costume. I don’t know their cuteness. I don’t want to wear maid café’s costume. Please try to wear various cosplays!

Third, I will introduce about interested in cosplay. It is uniform of junior high school or high school. This cosplay is very popular to college student or adult. I have tried to this cosplay. In particular, there are many people who do this this cosplay in USJ or Tokyo Disney Land. This cosplay is very easy to wear because everyone has worn uniform, so I think this cosplay is very popular. They are very cute.

In conclusion, there are many various cosplay in Japan. The kind is cute, cool, and interesting etc. Cosplayer would increase. I am looking forward to Halloween Day because many people cosplay anywhere in this day. I have tried to cosplay of uniform only, so I want to try other kind of cosplay.


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