Japanese Fashion

by dom on Décembre 1, 2014 - 1:27am

Japanese Fashion

     I will write about Japanese fashion but I don’t know Japanese fashion well, so I will research Japanese fashion. This time I’m going to write three topic about Japanese fashion. First I will write strange fashion of Japanese. The fashion name is “Cosupure”. Cosupure’s birthplace is Japan. Second I will write about traditional fashion of japan. For example, Kimono, Yukata, Jinbee and Samue. Third is Bad boy or girls fashion and gyaru fashion. The fashion is very interesting but maybe foreigner think strange.
      First I’m going to write about “Cosupure”. “Cosupure” is very interesting fashion. Do you know what’s mean of “Cosupure”? “Cosupure” is the people to imitate to anime character. The quality is very high. The people who doing Cosupure is Cosuplayer.  Cosupure is Japanese made English. The etymology is costume play, but cosupure is lead all over the world. Japanese Cosupure like fancy dress of Halloween but a little different. The point is Cosupure is not decision doing day, so if you want to see Cosupure you can see Cosuplayer in Akihabara. Recently cosupure is common but before we think cosupure is Otaku fashion so when you go to city maybe you can see Cosuplayer. 

     Second I’m going to write about traditional fashion of Japan. Kimono is national costume of Japan. Kimono has a lot of kind, for example, Hurisode, Houmongi, Edokomon and Komon but almost Japanese people don’t know how many kind and what is difference Yukata and Kimono. Yukata is summer cloth. You can go to summer festival to wear Yukata. if you wear Yukata in autumn, winter and spring you feel embarrassed. Be careful.

     Third I’m going to write about bad boy or girl fashion and Gyaru fashion. Japan has strange culture. The culture is Bousouzoku. Bousouzoku is ride a loud bike late time, don’t defend the rule. The Bousouzoku fashion is very interesting. the fashion is Tokkouhuku. Do you know Tokkouhuku? They wear Tokkouhuku when ride a bike. Maybe not Bousouzoku people think scary or noisy but I don’t think so. They don’t wear Tkkouhuku when don’t ride a bike. Gyaru fashion is very cool. Gyaru continue evolution. They wear flashy clothes. 

    I think Japan has a lot of strange fashion culture but it’s good. Japanese likes fashion. Recently a lot of foreigner likes Japanese fashion and they want to try Japanese fashion. I want to Japanese fashion become more famous all over the world.

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