Japanese Good Movies

by Flash on Novembre 24, 2014 - 1:33am

Japanese Good Movies

     Do you like movie? I think that there is not the person disliking movie. There are kind of interesting movie. For example, action, anime, horror and so on. Anime is Japanese popular culture. There are great animation movie producer in Japan. Japanese some movie is made from comic, so now, I am going to talk about Japanese animation movie, Japanese live-action film, and Japanese horror movie.

     First, have you ever watched Japanese animation movie? I think the most interesting animation movie is GHIBLI movie. Do you know GHIBLI? It is Japanese animation studio. It is made of interesting movie. These some movie are made by Hayao Miyazaki. He is very famous animation movie producer. Oldest his movie is LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky[i]. It is the oldest movie in studio GIBLI. GIBLI movie is not made only Hayao Miyazaki. It is made by some producer. My favorite GINLI movie is The Cat Returns. Because I like cat. This movie’s main character become the cat. And detective of cat is cool. GIBLI movies is give a dream. You will surely captive by GIBLI movies.

     Second, if your favorite SF comic become movie, are you glad? Japanese some movie made from comics. For example, Kaiji, Death note, THERMAE ROMAE and so on. These movie is interesting, but some of Japanese people don’t think they are not interesting. Because there are don’t made according to original. Therefore people angry to these movie. Now Japanese drama of “Jigokusensei Nu-be-“ was said it is  completely different with the original. But these movie is interesting. I recommend live-action film movie is “Kaiji Jinseigyakutengame”[ii] Because I like Tatsuya Hujiwara. He act main character. And he play interesting gamble games. It is good live-action film movie.

     Third, do you like scary story? I think many people dislike the horror movie. Because it is to come ghost or madder. They look likes scary. Japanese horror movie is the most scared in the world. Because some Japanese horror is bloodcurdling story. I think other country’s horror movie is flamboyant, but Japanese horror movie is attacks fear gradually. And Japanese horror movie often appear a long black hair woman. For example, Ring, Juon Tomie and so on. I think woman is scary who can’t see face.

     Conclusion, I think Japanese movie isn’t watched in the foreigner. I want foreigner to watch Japanese movie. If you watch Japanese movie, you can find new world of the movie. Please watch Japanese movie. Thank you for reading.






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