Is implanting microchips in human beings for medical reasons ethical?

by laurencetremblay on Novembre 11, 2014 - 10:39pm


The article “ American medical Association boards implantable chips wagon by wayne Kondro in 2007 is about the issue of people potentially implanting micro chips in human beings for medical reasons. In 2007, the American Medical Association thought discussed the possibility of implanting such chips in human beings. Chips are already used at Toronto’s St. Michael’s hospital, they are taped to newly borns to track their location in the hospital. But implanting chips inside one’s body raises more issues than just taping it to the skin, throughout the articles, positive outcomes are discussed such as the most important one, the chips could store a person’t medical record which would be easily accessible in cases of emergency where it could save someone’s life, but also considerate negative effects of the chips like the fact that they could be hacked and people would not have any privacy. Moreover, since the chips are very small they could move into one’s body and could cause dangerous complications. This issue raises the ethical question: It is ethical for the American Medical Association to legalize the implantation of microchips into human beings for medical medical motives? Moreover, the issue also raises more general ethical questions like: Is implanting microchips into human bodies is ethical? or Is implanting microchips on babies ethical even for medical reasons? If so, would the parents have the choice of saying yes or no?


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