The Famous "Man Box"

by nat on Novembre 4, 2014 - 11:10pm

As I was growing up till now I never knew there was a such thing called the “man box” I tough the rules of the MA box was a regular thing that a man should do. Then when this was presented to me, I saw that this is something that was tough for us from a young age. Like if something happened an that you cry he's going to tell you stuff like “man up” or “man don't cry” and much other stuff. Then we see this continued true your life time like at school contently being challenged by other guys and if you can't conform to it you are looked at as a weak or as a girl. We all so learn this in movies too such as “shark tale” where he was not going by what a shark was supposed to act like his father didn't really like him. Same thing in real life, when you can't conform to the rules of the box you stand a huge chance of getting rejected by other guys including your own father.