Women now comprise 52% of gamers

by Tuna on Novembre 4, 2014 - 8:50pm

      When gaming is mentionned, one of the first things that come into people's mind is "boys" or "guys". That should no longer be the case though, because a a study revealed that 52% of gamers are now women. The trope of video games being for guys is outdated, since the majority of the gamers now consists of girls. This new wave of female gamers came with the appearance of games on smart phones, as it made playing casual games much more accessible.


     There is a debate going on with those games though, as some would argue that those types of games are not "real" games. Gamers who have been playing for several years, since before the creation of smartphones, usually don't consider these new types of time passing games as a "traditional" or "real" game. It is an interesting subject, but not the one for today. The point is, more and more women are taking interest in games, in any way, shape or form. People should no longer affiliate games with only men as they are no longer the majority of the player base in gaming.


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