Boys to Men, to Real Men

by barok on Novembre 4, 2014 - 4:06pm

Boys, from the moment they were born, embark on a lifelong journey to be men. They are subjected under the strict unwritten code called the “Man Box”. They learn at an early age that it will be easier for them to navigate through this process if they conform to what the Man Box mandates. Boys are constantly reminded to “man up”, “not be a pussy” and be stoic, or else, they risk being shunned or be deemed as weak and worthless to be men. The Man Box is real. So as the pressures it comes with. Our current society turns a blind eye and even helps in policing this mentality and way of life. No wonder individuals who succumbed to the pressure are left traumatized, depressed and some become violent.

But why can’t a boy or a man be sensitive, emotional or someone who prefers diplomacy over violence? Why does our society tolerate the damaging stereotypes of being a man? The answer may lie in our vastly patriarchal society. History will tell us that great men dominate and conquer everything; lands, women and other inferior men.

We are not living in the past. Times indeed have changed. As we move towards equality among men and women across all races, our patriarchal way of thinking needs an upgrade, better yet, a complete abolishment. Individuals should not be forced to fit into a certain set of traits and values just because it is what the society expects out of you. These unnecessary pressures only hinder an individual’s growth to become real men of our times, not of history but of our generation. Men should grow up be real men and start raising boys to become real men of future generations.

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