Hey, let`s talk… (about my feelings)

by Sundjay on Novembre 3, 2014 - 8:39pm

When a child is born, depending on their sex, their father treats them differently. If it`s a girl, he will swear to protect her even when she`s all grown up and experience life on her own. Whereas boys don’t get the same special treatment, they are thrown into the world with barely any guidelines or help and have to fit their father`s ideals. They only get intervened when they bring shame to a man`s image, so for example if they show weakness such as emotions or pain, or if they play with dolls. That is the start of a vicious cycle that ends when a man realizes that he won`t live his life being insecure about his ideas, habits and/or eating a banana in public. The emotional toll, that is constantly supressed, becomes insurmountable in the event of the loss of a loved one, where they continue to live by their code until it reaches a point where they have three options: tell someone about their pain and suffering, continue living with their unpronounceable emotions of grief or end their life. We trust those with experience like our parents and teachers, but sometimes what they are teaching us isn’t always right due to their outdated beliefs of strength and power.


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