Minorities Given a Disadvantage in the Housing Department

by Wilson La on Octobre 28, 2014 - 5:16am

          The article "Discrimination in Housing Against Nonwhites Persists Quietly, U.S. Study Finds" written by Shaila Dewan in The New York Times from June 11th, 2013 argues that racism against "nonwhites" is still apparent even in today's modern day U.S. society. Although the results gained from study done by the Department of Housing and Urban Development did not show that these "nonwhites" were unable to obtain appointments to view the houses the methods used to perform racism were more subtle and hidden as these racial minorities were more likely to be shown a smaller quantity of houses. Results obtained from the test that had approximately 8000 tests, individuals of different race, but of equal economical background were shown the identical quantity of homes, but the whites were generally favored compared to the racial minority. There were many specific cases where the whites were favored over the minorities such as the whites getting more options and getting lower costs. The article finishes off by stating that whites are more likely to obtain special treatment compared to those of minority races in the housing department in the United States.

            In my opinion, this article written by Shaila Dewan has a very clear message/argument as she is able to give evidence towards this injustice in the housing department of the United States. I do agree with her as it has happened to my family once before as we found out that somebody we knew had sold their house for a lower price to a customer of the same race instead of the person who had offered a higher price, but was of a different race. Obviously this is a problem as people are being denied the equal chances of acquiring a house, thus making it a harder scenario for people of racial minorities. Also these "New Racism" tactics are very subtle and hard to catch onto as in these cases, people would not have known that they were given a disadvantage at buying an estate due to the fact that these kinds of information are not usually divulged. As we can see even though these forms of "New Racism" are more hidden it does not mean that it is less harmful as people of minority status are still being given an unfair disadvantage.




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