Racism among school staff exist?

by Amelietessier on Octobre 26, 2014 - 3:07pm

The article ‘’White teacher win $350K in Racial-Bias case’’ by Neal Colgrass in the Newser from August 9, 2014 explains that a black principal said harsh racist comments about white teachers and fired one of them for no valid reason.

This article talks about an ancient Maryland high school teacher, Jon Everhart, who fought for a cause of racism in his old school system. Before 2007, Angelique Simpson-Marcus, a black high school teacher did many racial comments on her white coworkers. She was trying to denigrate white teachers while trying to put black teachers on her side. Also, she told her students that there were white teachers in their school system only because it was the only place they could get a job. This teacher was very nasty especially with his colleague Jon by making many racist insults to him like calling him ‘’poor white trash’’ and she once said that if one day she became the principal, she will fire him. She did what she said without any good reasons because she became the principal in 2007.  For consequences, he lost his job, his teaching certificate and his pension. Jon Everhart who is 65 now, won $350K because he fought for this racial case against his old school system.


This article by Neal Colgrass really represent the concept of ‘’race’’ and racism that we learned in class. Teachers are supposed to be models for students and it’s not by making such racist comments that it will help the future generation to be not racist. In this school white teachers are view as being less effective than black teachers. It’s a very negative thought and students should not be exposed to that and there should be no racism in a public establishment like this.

It’s good that Jon went to court to denounce what this horrible principal did to him because many people are afraid to report any type of racism they experienced. Because he won his case, I think this could help some person to talk more about racism in the future because everyone should be treated equally and must be respected by others despite their skin color or ethnicity. I like the fact that the article is short and easy to understand. Even if the article is not that long, we get a good idea of what happened. The author did a great job by explaining what happened to Jon Everhart but in my opinion, he should have add more details about the relation between the principal and Jon. I would also like to know more about this black principal and what she did or said to other white teachers. We should take more about this reverse racism because as we saw in this text, white are also victims of racism. One strength of this article is that we see that not only black people are victims of any sort of racism and that it can affect anyone. This article shows that racism is still present and the society has to continue to evolve to eliminate more racism.



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