Hormones In Men Decrease, Possible Reason For VIolence?

by AngelOfHope on Octobre 22, 2014 - 8:28pm

Men have been portrayed to be violent and continuously so but can we blame on a single fact such as video games and/or how we’ve been raised? Sure, our parents and grandparents have seen some tormenting things in their childhood. Though we aren’t being conflicted with same issues, men are pressured to fit in as a man. To take up the role of being of man, with the knowledge of what it consists, or so we believe. “A man doesn’t cry or feel pain. A man must protect not be protected”. I know I’ve heard this before along with many other words. Who are we to classify who is or isn’t a man? Shouldn’t a man be about love, passion, support, responsible and aware? Shape and size should not matter. Perhaps there’s a greater reasoning as to why men are violent, why men are influenced and act out more than they have in the past. Perhaps men are being more feminine, but with all this pressure into being the ‘perfect man’. Studies were taken to see testosterone levels of male 20 year olds now versus males of the same age 30 years prior. According to this article, testosterone levels have actually decreased along with their amount of sperm. Men are being more infertile and their hormones are decreasing. Can we say that such reactions such as this, can be channeled into actions of men?

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