Emma Watson and her new job

by Matilde Batlle on Octobre 20, 2014 - 8:10pm

     So as some of you may know Emma Watson has started her job with the UN as Goodwill Ambassador. It was a surprise for me when I saw her speech at the UN that a week before she had been in my home country Uruguay and I had heard absolutely no news or whatsoever about it from my fellows back. As a result I posted on my FB status if anyone could give me ANY information about it, and as a response if got one link to a pamphlet of the parliament and another friend telling me that nobody really cares. There are the new elections coming and every politician is pulling the strings they can. Apparently lowering the age of conviction is winning most of the attention.

    But concentrating on this visit and its purpose: Emma Watson was visiting in order to support a law that forces any political party to put one woman for every 3 men that they have in the parliament. As a result of her visit the number of 4.000 signatures increased to 5.500 in one morning. Great success congratulations! But... This law actually is not  a constitutional reform is a one shot deal of one election only. It would only pass after these upcoming elections of October 26th (if the right political party wins). Which basically means that if the right political party wins one women for every 3 men will be presented for parliament for the elections of 2018. To top it off apparently it is very easy to cheat the law by just changing a candidate once it is time to go to parliament.

    Unfortunately once I made online research most of articles about this law where thanks to her visit on gossip magazines and they spoke more about her shines and simple style than about the content of the law. Despite that thanks to her being a celebrity the number of signatures increased drastically for most of the press I read her role as Hermione makes her less credible for the adult readings.

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