Teacher suspended because of ‘Black-faced’ incident!

by Addes123 on Octobre 16, 2014 - 9:29pm

            John Kass wrote an article called “Teacher’s lesson about racism offends his bosses”. This article is about a well-known and respected history teacher, Alan Barron, trying to teach history to eighth graders. He was showing a video about ‘black faced’ people in the 1900s, they were in fact learning about racism. An administrator saw this clip and suspended him due to this incident, and it was not said when he should be back. Many other teachers and parents were very upset about this phenomenon because it was not fair to him nor the students, they were actually learning something useful. Barron had said that he never understood why he was suspended because he was teaching history and like it or not, racism and ‘black face’ is part of history. He believed that the students had a right to know what happened in the past.

            I do agree with the author because Barron was doing his job and because of the content of the class, he got suspended. This teacher has suffered humiliation for no reasons. During his suspension he was supposed to be honored for a role-model teacher… This is an example that even his bosses knew he was an honorable teacher. One of the weaknesses in this article is that it did not point out the true reasons why the administrative suspended him. For example they only mentioned that it may offend individuals in the class. But in fact, there was a mother who was interviewed and said that her family is very much multicultural, this did not offend them. This is why I do not think that it was the true reason for his suspension. My opinion about why his boss did this is because he was feeling uncomfortable about the reality of the past.



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