Canada, Not So Sweet After All

by emjones on Octobre 1, 2014 - 7:19pm

The article “Racism Is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About It” by Craig and Mark Kielburger which was published on Huffington post, September 18th 2014, demonstrates that a lot of people believe that there is little to no racism in Canada, and ever since the Ferguson shooting, all the fingers have been pointed at the United States. However, the brothers emphasize that this is not true, and there is indeed a lot of racism going on in Canada. They start off the article talking about the Tim Uppal incident, which occurred September 8, where the minister of multiculturalism in Canada was a victim of a racial slur. The authors then go on to explain how a teacher in Alberta was teaching his students about racism and trying to start an anti-racial group in schools. They finish the article by saying that Canada prides itself on being known as polite, and as long as people refuse to talk about the terrible things that do occur here, there will never be a solution for it.


The article “Race Is Canada’s Problem Too - Let’s Talk About It” by Craig and Mark Kielburger, published on September 18th, 2014 is and article that discusses the fact that Canadians try and hide or deny that racism occurs in the country. The article demonstrates how Canadians do not talk about racism, but instead prefer to live off of their “polite” reputation, which has been easy to do so recently since all eyes are on the United States because of the Ferguson shooting. Personally, I agree with that, I never realized until now that Canada is indeed a racist country, and it might not be in the obvious ways, but there are so many people affected by racism every day in Canada that is does make it a racist country.

However, a very small amount of Canadians seem to realize the racial slurs being made here, and to make matters worse a racial slur against Canada’s own minister of multiculturalism has gone by barely unnoticed. The article has many strong points, but the most important one is the stories used to back up the main point. Authors Craig and Mark Kielburger, talk about a teacher in Alberta who started an anti-racial group in his school to help children deal with the problem and help them realize what is actually happening here in Canada. The article goes on to discuss how this teacher Darren Lund suggests that dealing with racial incidents in an aggressive manner is not always the best way, but talking about it is always the answer. The authors then suggest that that is the problem; that not enough Canadians talk about the problem, but instead ignore it and pretend that it didn’t happen. The whole point of this article is that Canada cannot live on it’s “oh so sweet” persona forever, and sooner or later Canadians are going to have to face the facts and talk about racism and try to fix the problem. 


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