You Can’t Kill The Racist Phenomena

by audreymo on Septembre 30, 2014 - 12:34pm

In the article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” of Nicholas Kristof published in August 2014, the reality of racism is discussed.  The main point of his article is about the widespread racism and stereotyping that young black men in America suffer. The problem is not really too much racism in America. In his article he explains that there are still many racist people without even knowing it. The larger problem is the people who consider themselves not racist. They deplore discrimination and believe in racial equality but unconsciously, they have a racist attitude. Kristof brought many examples to support his point. For example, he explains that blacks and Hispanics treated by doctors receive less treatment than white patients. In his conclusion, Kristof says that the stereotypes are present everywhere. The challenge is not a small group of racist people but something more subtle, people who consider themselves nonracist but act in the other way.  


The article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” of Nicholas Kristof is quite interesting. I totally agree with him, racism still exists, and it’s everywhere. I also agree that the problem is that people who think they are not racist, unconsciously, they act in a racist way. Racist is a system with some erroneous assumptions and actions based on an ideology of the inherent superiority of one racial group over another. In America, racism affects more black people. Many people still racist today but many others are not. The problem is the group of people who are not racist. This is more complex than we can think. Joshua Correll of the University of Colorado create a shooter video game. He created this to try to measure the unconscious racist attitudes of people. In the game you take the role of a police officer and you need to shoot people in front of you. The results show that people will often make the mistake of shooting an unarmed black man than an unarmed white man. All the society has the stereotype in their mind that young black men are associated with danger. I think this is wrong because it’s an unfair generalization. If young black men are associated with danger, I can say that white police officers are associated with brutality. Again, it’s unfair because it’s not every black man that are violent or every white police officers that are brutal. In the article, the word race is used like a problem and linked to some stereotypes. Also, two type of racism are discussed, the individual racism and the systematic racism. The individual racism refers to the people who have discriminatory policies and behaviour. The systematic racism refers to the institutions like doctors or police who have discriminatory policies and behaviour. I think the article of Kristof is very good because it has a clear statement. Also his statement is supported by many examples and proofs. His article topic and all his examples create a lot of anger, empathy and also understanding. Finally, this article helped me to understand that even you claim you are not racist, maybe, a part of you still is.  



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