Are Women Victimizing Themselves?

by CrowMan514 on Septembre 15, 2014 - 9:03pm

Why do women demand equality but get offended when they are treated like everyone else? Its doesn’t really make sense to me, I agree that women should not be treated as an inferior and be treated  as an equal,  but in the end were not really the same, why do they attack men for anything that sounds at all sexist, even if it was not the intention. Just in the way women deal with curtain situations, they are dealt with differently, and I know I’m going to get some women who disagree but most of the time its true. There are even women in politics who claim that without a women’s input there would be issues  in the our society that would be dealt badly,  or in an unfair manner concerning only men. How does one know that it wasn’t the best way to deal with the situation? We have women accusing men of being sexist just because of decisions they had to make, and it just so happen to exclude women. Maybe it was their intention to degrade the women, but I think that stereotyping all men because of one who has no clue how to properly speak to another person regardless of their gender is immature.  Why do women play the victim? Men are made out to be stupide brutes in the eyes of people you don’t see us complaining. Because we don’t care what others think, we see our goals and go for them. Everything else shouldn’t concern you but instead every negative is thrown in our faces. Oh but when we speak badly of women were sexist animals, cave men, but when women do the same to men its okay, and you claim that there is no equality?  Maybe one should take a step back and see what’s really going on.

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