Men aren't all monsters

by seanstiv on Septembre 15, 2014 - 9:01pm

I’m all for equality and such but I’m sick and tired of men being labeled as evil savages whose sole purpose is to ruin the lives of women. Not all men are like this and yet we are constantly being portrayed as the essence of pure evil. I’m not saying there aren’t men like that in the world but it’s certainly not a majority and it doesn’t only include men.  We are constantly bombarded with messages of how men are all criminals, very rarely do we not see a man on the news followed by a title related to murderer and/or rapist.  There are good people out there, in fact more than you think. What I’ve noticed about the news media is that they always want to scare you and they enjoy blowing things out of proportion. I do sympathize with women today, what a lot of them go through is horrible and should never experience such things but surely you cant put the blame solely on men. The media plays a HUGE part in shaping societal views and our way of life. What they say we believe,  how they tell us to act, we act.

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