Psychology of Mental Health Summer 2014

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This course will explore behaviours by contrasting that which is considered abnormal via DSM diagnosis with what contemporary society deems to be normal.  Perspectives will be taken to explore, explain and consider treatment for situations considered to be representative of mental illness all in the pursuit of understanding and promoting mental health.

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3 années 7 mois ago

Thank you for your response. I don't remember the story that well, or why I wrote what I wrote, but here is my response nonetheless.

As a man, and a human being, I disagree with your argument. Yes, society places pressures and imposes norms on us since a young age, but the will to be independent and the mind to be critical of these outside influences are skills that every human being is capable of.

Hegemony is to blame, yes, but so are we. Before we focus on societal problems, we must first look at ourselves, and how we exist in these environments. That type of self-awareness is necessary if we wish to properly change the world.

Mental health involves what I was speaking about in the paragraphs above. Awareness and understanding of the self is key if we wish to defened the health of our mental and emotional state from toxic outside influences...and ourselves.

Shooting three people is not the act of a person who properly deals with the pain inside them--regardless of if that pain was caused by others.

Pain makes villains of us all when we blame others. At the end of the day, you have a choice to be self-aware or not.

And, if you are afraid to be, that is not a good enough excuse. You will wish to deal with your pain through projection, blame, and other destructive behaviours.

We are all responsible for ourselves.

5 années 3 mois ago

I definitely agree with you on this point. This gap needs to be closed and the conditions that led to it existing in the first place should also be removed or corrected. Though, if I were to be perfectly honest, I am unsure on how to do such a thing.

To me, this seems to be just another symptom of the rising income inequality between the rich and the poor which is happening all around the world. Which by itself was already a major contemporary issue that has already raised major debates about what it does and what it means for the sustainability of our current society. Until now, it had seemed that this situation was potentially sustainable, because even though the income gap was getting bigger, the poor were still getting noticeably richer. but this article could be a sign that this situation is much more unsustainable than we thought.

After all, the richer getting richer and the poor getting poorer was something that could be tolerated and could work so long as the quality of life was still high. However, in the UK it seems that could be in danger. One of the biggest factor in one's quality of life depends on education and academic success, that's just how the current social order is. Yet now, there is a noticeable difference in those two criteria in the UK, those who are better off financially are doing better in school and those who are more disadvantaged are doing worse. And who's to say that this sort of gap will not spread to other sections of society if not corrected?

If this continues then tensions between the richer classes of society and the middle to lower classes will fire up, or get worse if they were already fired up. One modern society is build upon the foundation of equality and equity for all, our culture will not accept such a big difference, so this sort of gap would create an unsustainable situation. Either something like conflict and actual divide between the rich and the poor which could tear the country apart, or simply led to a systematic breakdown of their society due to breakdown of social cohesion and ability.

And of course, even if something as dramatic as those scenarios do not happen, there are still risks. On an educational point of view, if the UK is producing less graduates, then they'll have less qualified people to take care and pass knowledge to the next generation and their collective brainpower would be in decline, and the relevance and the power of the United Kingdoms would go down.

So yes, this is would need into something completely unsustainable, but fortunately, it seems that this can be fixed into something more sustainable. There are schools which have their poorer students do very well, so I believe that the UK government should look into their methods and try to apply them.

5 années 3 mois ago

I agree with you that in this case there are definitely elements of racial profiling. The death of Tamir Rice and many other innocent blacks is something that should not be happening in today's society. Which is what I'd like to say, but sadly and let's be honest, though we like to say that racism is gone, in reality it has never left and it still stands as one of the most important subjects in Contemporary Issues.

The racial tensions that cases like this brings forth are creating an unsustainable situation for American society. The Black Communities are losing more and more trusts in authorities and the White Authorities are getting more and more suspicious of the Blacks. As we can see in the Article when Martin Luther Day, a day that is supposed to be about unity is turned into another social battleground between the different sides. All of this has been rapidly eroding social unity in the US, where increasingly it seems that it is no longer a United States of America, but rather a Black America vs a White America. Which is a worrying and even terrifying situation for any nation state to be in, as it's own population divides and turn on themselves. As we've seen elsewhere and in history, this is the kind of recipe that breaks Nations.

While I have no great love for the US, neither do I wish it harm, and I sincerely hope that they can fix this. As it stands, the situation is unsustainable, something will blow up in the long run. If they want to remain stable and potentially even still exist as a single country, they must find a way to restore a sustainable social order.

Which brings me to my next point. I do not believe that the root of the problem lies with the police, though they definitely a share of the blame. The questionable performance of the police is really just the symptom of another contemporary issue plaguing the US right now. The way it's budget is spend, well the Article itself told us what they are doing. The budget of the police and other social initiatives have been cut, which resulted not only in a sharp increase in crimes, but also far fewer cops to deal with the crimes.

This is unsustainable for the reason that it produces tragedies like this case. Money is tight for them, so corruption and lazy becomes more attractive. There are less people so less cops doing work meaning that questionable people get hired and there are less people managing important logistical work. Reforms and investigations don't get through because there are not enough resources to get them done. So cops are overworked, have questionable training, have to make do with a decaying support system, it's not wonder things like this happen. And of course, events like this only increases their workload which only makes everything worse and make them even more overworked.

What I am getting at is that frankly, this seems to be a death spiral to me. Not only unsustainable, but actively damaging. The US Government needs to start reinvesting in and revitalizing public and social services in the US, because they need to actually support their own stuff for it to keep working, that is the only way for the situation to become sustainable.

5 années 3 mois ago

I strongly with all the facts you put into this response to the article "Huge Garbage Patch Found in Atlantic Too." The biggest problem we have today is that we ignore the big problems rather than fixing them. The news hides the truth about these issues by covering them with more eye-catching stories. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed in order to have a good future for ourselves and our children. In order to have a sustainable future we have to start focusing on the issues rather than neglected them. We as a society have to find a solution to this massive problem, if we don't it could lead to bigger problems that we will have to deal with later on, we have to figure out a way to put a stop to this careless behaviour that is putting the marine animals in danger. If law programs all over the world continue to do the research they are doing it will make a difference, but if not the result will be costly.

5 années 6 mois ago

Hi Anne,

I will be commenting on your post for a class of mine. This assignment includes proposing a mental health connection a post that seemingly has none. I believe that the connection to mental health has to do with the environment these children are in. (When I say environment, I am talking about that part of the causal chain). The causal chain is about the thoughts and feelings of an individual, how an environment affects them, and the behavior they express. Due to Hamas, and their offensive against Israel, the population of Gaza is put in a tricky situation. Hamas is making Gaza their own missile storage space, and Israel is forced to defend itself. They are caught in the middle of something terrible, and as such, they must do what they can to survive. The environment they are in influences their thoughts and feelings, and when it comes to survival, the former is much more powerful. Psychologically, the behavior they express would be one much more numb than once Hamas is destroyed. Once the terrorists leave Gaza alone, things like education will never be thrown away, as survival would not be as much an issue as before. However, the lasting affect of all this? Probably PTSD and/or dissociation. The environment is the cause of all this.

I propose that Hamas cease to exist, as all this would never have happened. There would be less threats to mental health and safety in general.

5 années 6 mois ago

Your first sentence caught my eye, I agree with what you're saying from personal experiences and from the media. Fathers do treat their sons and daughters differently, girls are watched and followed even after they turn 18 while boys are pretty much thrown into the world at the age of 15. With nothing but rules on how to be a "real man," boys are taught that they hold power over women, men should do the working and women should be housewives. This is still taught to kids in school, through movies, history and news articles. This kind of thing where boys can't show weakness or pain can cause depression, because if they do they'll just be made fun of. They have no one to vent to which can lead to relationship problems in adulthood.

Reply to: June 9th
5 années 7 mois ago

I agree with what you wrote. Justin needed both a diagnosis and treatment. It could have prevented the deaths of those police officers, and a prison sentence for the obviously mentally ill.

Reply to: June 9th, 2014
5 années 7 mois ago

I completely agree with Nickiesha, I do believe that Justin's actions were to get his parents attention, otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did. The fact that he is mentally ill also played a big role in this tragic incident, Justin is mentally unstable and he should have been treated for his depression when his parents first noticed it. depression could lead to death or suicidal thoughts, this tragic incident could have been avoided if he got help earlier.

5 années 8 mois ago

I agree with James, if we continue to confuse mental health and addiction there will be several people who are missed diagnosed, which means they'll also be taking the wrong medication. Giving people the wrong medication won't help treat their disease, it could sometimes make it worse.

5 années 8 mois ago

Very nice find, Adam! Money is very important here. (This is not the comment that should be marked. Check the summery on anorexia for that :P)

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