Powerful city Osaka !

by 048 minami on Mai 15, 2014 - 3:43am

Hello. I' m from Osaka. I have lived in Osaka since I was child, so I have lived in Osaka for about 20years. Today I will talk about my home town Osaka.
Osaka is very big city in japan. There are 8,844,756 people in Osaka, but Osaka is very narrow. Osaka does not have enough land. Osaka is very crowed city. Osaka is very good city, because very convenient for transition. people can live very comfortably. Osaka has many good places. For example, Tuutenkaku, Osaka castle, Osaka dome, Gulico, and so on. Especially USJ is very famous place. USJ is very great amusement park. USJ is very popular. Of course I have been to USJ so many time. This is very funny place, so if you come to Japan, Osaka please go to USJ. I recommend you.
Finally I think Osaka's person is very interesting, funny, and crazy. Osaka's aging woman is very strong. But they are very kindness and friendly. So don't be afraid.

My home town is very powerful city. Osaka is not country side, so here is really noisy.
But it is attractive of Osaka. This is very good city, so please come to Osaka.

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